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our micellaneous resin sets

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At the end of this year, we began work on resin sets of propellers for models of Soviet multi-engine transport aircrafts in 72nd scale.

Most of these kits are produced  in "Amodel" a series of shortrun and the quality of factory parts is low.

Our sets include resin propellers  parts and laserprint decals to simulate blades de-icing panels.

in size and appearance, the details of the sets correspond to their prototypes.

There are currently four sets in our catalog.


#794. AV-68D propellers set for "Amodel" An-8 kit 



#795 AV-68i (later) propellers set for "Roden" An-12 and "Amodel" IL-18/20/22/38 series kits



#795-1 AV-68i (earlier) propellers set for "Roden" An-12 and "Amodel" An-10 &  IL-18/20/22/38 series kits



#797. AV-68DM propellers set for "Amodel" An-32 kit 


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