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Civvy L-100-30 Herc from original tool Airfix Kit

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A project that was a germ of an idea 40 years ago when I was an ATC at Nadzab Papua New Guinea. Transamerica operated out of there for a few months hauling mining equipment up into the Highlands , I was quite taken with the scheme and hankered to make a model of it. This model fits into one of my modelling interests.. aircraft that I dealt with in my career so two years ago I bought an original Airfix kit (I like its shape) complete with Bloodhound and 11 months ago I started the conversion. I sourced an old built model wreck that was the source for the fore and aft fuselage plugs that were needed to stretch the model. Bit of filling and sanding (a bit! jeez heaps!) masking and decal design and production was required,

Now I have no photographs of the aircraft that visited but I do remember a white and green scheme and looking at pictures on the net there were only a few minor variations. I dont recall the aircrafts registration but the radio callsign used was "TeeVee Ten" so I guessed it may have been N10ST.


Last picture is of another civvie "trash hauler" I finished a few years back





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Great to see a civvy Herk. Like Martin said above of their visits to Gatwick. I also recall Pacific Western one there one time.  The An-12 looks interesting too.

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Great model. I remember Saturn Airways flying civilian Hercules flights into and out of Kelly AFB many years ago and they looked wonderful to me.

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