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Battlestar Galactica Fighter Pilots (for Moebius/Revell) 1:32


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Battlestar Galactica Fighter Pilots (for Moebius/Revell)

1:32 GreenStrawberry




Battlestar Galactica came to our TV screens in 1978, courtesy of Aaron Spelling’s media factory, and was a big hit at the time, even though it lasted a scant two seasons before it was cancelled due to the high costs of each episode, which were coming in at over a million dollars a week. CBS considered picking it up, but it wasn’t until the reboot happened in 2004 that it hit our screens again, and only then if you subscribed to Pay TV at the time.  It ran for five seasons of variable quality, and it still doesn’t seem like it was 17 years ago.  We really are getting old!  The Vipers were a common theme between both renditions, and were similar in form and function, acting as fleet fighters, using a lot of Fleet Air Arm terminology in the dialogue, and having various versions from the original “TOS” Viper, through the Mk.II that was first seen in the opening episodes of the reboot, and the sweeping lines of the Mk.VII.


These resin figures are designed with the kits in mind, and each figure arrives in a small card box, with the resin parts ensconced in a Ziploc bag, protected by the folded instructions.  The seated pilots are patterned to specific kit marks, but could probably be adapted with a bit of judicious sanding etc.



Colonial Pilot Fighter Ace (132017-1/32)

This figure is a tacit homage to Lieutenant Kara Thrace, who had the nom de guerre or call-sign ‘Starbuck’.  It’s a good likeness given the limitations of size, and consists of six resin parts - the body, two separate arms, a stowed jacket that fits around her waist, pistol at her waist and an equipment box for her to rest one foot on.  There is a little flash on her chin and across her back, which should be easy to eliminate with a little care, and once removed from the casting blocks should go together quickly.  She scales out at around 5’9” which is three inches taller than her real-world size, but we’ll put that down to the soles on her flight boots being thick, or the taller stature of her fictitious character.







Colonial Pilot – Viper Mk.II (132018-1/32)

This figure is of a seated male pilot sat in his Viper, waiting for the launch order or pondering life, the universe and everything after a difficult mission.  It consists of four resin parts, one of which is a clear visor for the helmet resting on his lap.  The pilot is bare-headed, and has a pair of separate arms that are moulded as one piece and fit over the shoulders once the helmet is in place, resting on the top of the helmet with hands folded.  The helmet is hollow, and the base can be cut out to depict it more realistically before painting and adding of the visor.







Colonial Pilot – Viper Mk.VII (132019-1/32)

This male figure has his helmet on and is moderately prepared to launch, although his hands are firmly planted on his lap.  There are three resin parts, the body, the separate helmet, and the clear visor, which can be applied after painting the helmet and face.  There is a little flash between the pilot’s knees, and the shape of the seat is clearly visible in his back.








A figure brings a human scale to any model, and these are well-sculpted and simple to build, with little in the way of preparation other than cutting off a few small casting blocks.  A quick wash in warm soapy water will help the paint adhere too.


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of



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