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Help noob first print and failed!

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Tried to print 1/72 scale AIM9 sidewinders using resin.  Found an stl online from thingiverse, scaled it down to 1/72 size, chopped it into 3 pieces head, torso tail and set it to print.

Final product quite respectable but when I tried to cut them off the supports the tail fins break.  When I scaled them down the fins are about 0.2mm thickness.  Too thin?

Or maybe reduce the number of supports?  Or is there a strong resin type I can use?





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Nice first print. I only just bought my printer and haven’t set it up yet but I have read a lot of things about printing over the past few weeks. What @hendie says makes sense. Can you put all the bits together and print in one go? Might save you heart ache later on. 


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A few suggestions:

Use an ultra-fine saw, rather than sprue cutters (something like a Tiger saw)

Cut away from the part, then file off the excess.

Remove supports before curing the part.

Soak in hot water before removing supports, to soften the resin.

Use finer support settings.

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