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Bristol Scout D

Ray S

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Hello all. Here on Britmodeller, we currently have a Group Build going on which concerns Bristol aircraft. This is my completed model of the Libramodels vacform 1/72 Bristol Scout D. During the build I found out that C's and D's could be built from the kit, and that it was a bit of a minefield working out which was which, so do not be surprised if my rendition is a hodge-podge of types. I know I made a number of mistakes during the build, which will be revealed if you look at the build thread which is here:



I thoroughly enjoyed the build, and it made a nice change from the somewhat larger Felixstowe vacform I had done earlier in the year. Anyway, here are the photographs, and remember, it is a bit of a compromise on types!






DSCN7843 (2)












The clear doped linen was Humbrol 74 enamel thinned with naphtha thinners, most of the rest of the paint was Revell acrylics, and all were brush painted. Transfers were the Libramodels' own as supplied, except for the Union Jacks which were from Pegasus (but too small). Rigging was AmmoMIG 0.2mm thread.


Thanks for looking, Ray

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