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For the King's Shilling: A Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b

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Sorry I'm late posting a reply here, but it has to be said - this is simply stunning.

As a WWI modeller myself (albeit in the huge scale of 1:72) I have to say that this is one of the best builds I have ever seen. In ANY scale!

Congratulations are most certainly in order and you should be (I'm sure you are!) very proud of this little gem!




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I just felt the urge to bring this one back to everybody's attention.


In case you have already seen it, you will understand.

In case you haven't seen it yet, take a look and you will understand.

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Absolutely exquisite! Wingnut Wings out of your league? I think not. I could easily mistake your beauty for a well-executed Wingnut Wings kit. What did you build it out of, gossamer and pixie dust? Do take a bow, good sir.

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In the short time I have been a member of this site I have seen a lot of truly impressive modeling way beyond my own meager skills.  However, this has to be the most impressive thing I have seen so far.  The level of detail on such a small scale is jaw-dropping.  The rigging just blows my mind.  I'm really glad this thread popped up on the front page.

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Thanks chaps, that is very kind!

I'm glad this one went down well.  I hope the next ones come out as well too if not a little better.  A crazy thing happened during the last lockdown and I was given a chance via a UK publisher to put on my big-boy pants and do a book on scratchbuilding WW1 aircraft in 1/144 scale.  It's a bit scary, but I'm giving it a red hot go!  😅

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On 25/09/2021 at 13:05, Putty Animal said:

I've always had a thing for the FE2.  To an aircraft-obsessed child, it was that "big 2-seater DH-2" that only sometimes appeared in fuzzy photographs and never in the Airfix catalogue.  It was elusive and mysterious, and not a little terrifying too.  I remember staring in fascinated horror at a watercolour picture which showed the observer, standing up on the edge of his shallow cockpit to fire backwards over the top wing at some shark like V-strutters that were racing in for the kill.  I used to wonder at the kind of courage and desperation it would require to do this - miles above France and without safety harness or parachute.  I still wonder at it actually.


While I was growing up a mainstream kit of the Fee never seemed to materialise.  References were always rare and the aircraft seemed almost lost to history.  Over the years I fell in love with 1/144 scale.  So when the 1/32 WNW kit rolled around it was waaay out of my league.  It did however provide a stack of readymade research material that I could use...  :D


Eventually one day I decided to have a go.  Four years later and I don't know how many hours or hundreds of parts later, it is finished.


So here it is.  A scratchbuilt FE2b in 1/144 scale.  Materials are styrene sheet, acrylic and sterling silver for the most part.  Plus a tiny bit of 18ct gold for good measure (I'm a jewellery maker by trade, so why not).  

Paints are Mr Color and Tamiya lacquers, while the markings are a mix of hand masked and home printed.  With the exception of the nacelle roundels, which were donated by the most excellent Ajmm (thank you so much! I think of you every time I see them :)).


Markings are for a B-Flight machine of 22 Sqn RFC flown by Captain Francis Don, with Lt Herbert Harris as observer.  This aircraft was lost on June 5, 1917 when it was shot down by the famous ace, Werner Voss for his 33rd victory.  Both pilot and observer were wounded, however they were able to bring the aircraft down safely in a field north of Vaucelles.  Voss then strafed them on the ground for good measure before they were taken prisoner.  Classy guy.


Anyway enough intro.  Here's the pics.  I hope you like them! 
































Thanks for looking!  Here's a link to the WiP thread if you want to see how the sausage was made.






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PA, that's an exquisite model.  You bring all of your skills - jewellery-making and model-making - to this kit and boy, doesn't it show!


Very well done.





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Oh my giddy aunt. I didn't really "get" 1:144 scale until i saw this, now I get it...


There's no 3d printer available for any amount of shillings that can do what you've done!

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