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Whirlwind over Borneo OK but this HO3S will never fly...

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2 hours ago, Brandy said:

Looks much better, but the lower surface of the central beam is not a straight line all the way, it flattens off for maybe the rear third of its length.

I know you want it right....



Please don't worry Ian, you won't see it behind the canvas seating and some soundproofing.



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Interesting morning, finally booked hotel for Telford.




Interesting afternoon,  PETg tells me the Moulding buck works




But measurement and fitting tells me the buck is too big, filing reconvenes




Nearly an eighth of a ninch oversized.


Oh well where's me file?

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Yes I am chicken but no way will I be copying you with that big size where all the bits stand out.


Trying out a lid with the very last of my acetate packaging, from the Poundland nails buffing sets.


This is it.

This might just do it, after reducing the size of the buck.





This seems far better for shape than the Marines one was.




Should look like this one but doesn't.





We'll get there.






Happy days.


Now then, what here?



Options seem to be a: whip out all the individual windows and cut them out of the transparencies to glue them into holes I make myself. Ooops!

                                  b: cut the front off the opaque bits and stitch the clear bits onto the nose. Wowie!


Then make another different decision re: the front windows, keep the separate one and have seams down the side or get rid of the single seam along the centre line?


This is going to be fu.u.u.n.


I have kinda promised myself the BEA one in Cosford, we must see.


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Won't be able to make Telford this year I'm afraid. Next year though!

That transparency looks pretty damn good from here. I'm so glad most of my aircraft don't require any clear bits over the size of a nail clipping!



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Most of MY nail clippings look like farriers left-overs these days because of the way my nails have speeded up their growth since I have stopped manually wearing them down at working tasks.




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That Dragonfly HO3S-1 thingmy.

Another day, don't feel strong enough for that just nows, so I spent a short-ish while doing stuff cosmetically on the cabin windows and trying to make them a bit more transparent.




Not an easy task, yuck but they are better this morn  than they were yestermorn.


Also spared a drop of Vallejo Verde Azul 70974 for the innards, just a taster.


Not too shaky so I can work with this.



Some of my patented wall soundproofing painted 70974 for the wall we'll be able to see inside, probably just paint for the wall we won't see.


(Conservation issue here, I don't get to Tesco Cantina very often to blag their embossed surface paper napkins do I?)


Closing up view, only a taste, we ain't not nohow finished working in there yet.




Yerss, that is going to be fine when it's time to close it.


The bare cabin ceiling will get its own blanket of sound proofer before I close it all for real after I put in the troop seats.

Then I will build the MRGB structure and make the wall round the cockpit internals.


Like this only good.





The above is obviously one I made a couple of years ago and is in no manner suitable for this one.



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"Where there's buck..."


Well there might be brass but mostly there's polycard




Taking a  rest from middlebody questions of form and good taste this morning I have gone in for the snout this time round.


The printed polycard was part of a useless mistake, not deliberate, unusually for me.  If it's a daft idea you can expect me to have had it including printing pattern parts on polycard which is dependent on the ink in the inkjet, looks as if this might have worked if it hadn't been a piece of thin polycard that got into the printer during a congestion round the workspace issue.  :(


But no, the parts I need for the nose are being recovered from the plans in the time honoured way with tracing paper and a 3H and 5B.


Then stuck together.




Too light Bill you daft beggar, but it shows the progress and the use of the engineer's square to maintain the structure's integrity.




This will not become a solid block of Milliput but will be part of a boxed in structure that the milliput can form round.




I am trying not to use a whole pack of 'put this time around.


As many if not most of the HC10s in Borneo don't carry the oddball filter which Hendie made so successfully, I just ain't a gonna bother, normal nose for this beastie


This afternoon I hope I may feel up to reducing the canopy buck by another eighth of a ninch to be able to put that on one side...


The excess at the moment shows in front of the screen's proper position, the rear end is sitting where it must.




I must admit the basic buck pleases me mightily.


This is going to work, in PETg by hand, manually, this year.

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Aawwww. No tropical nose filter?  That's a shame Bill.  

Your work looks top notch so far. As always, I am in awe of your plunging skills and I think this one will surpass even your previous masterpiece, which is no mean feat 

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That is a rather splendid example of plunging at its very best! This one is going to look rather good I reckon.



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Beautiful work once again Bill, bringing back memories of pinching bits from the tesco canteen, coffee stirrers for me. 🤗🤣. I have another build bubbling under in the background I haven’t officially popped on BM yet. I’ll need your help in the plunge department. I asked around all the top brass and non plunges better that our Bill they said. 😇😮.  If you don’t mind I might want to pick yer brain in the near future. 


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Today I shall be testing SIHRSC, the Uberfile, to within millimotors of its abilities.


This awaits (The buck awaits fresh raw materials, now en route from an eBay supplier, please keep 'em crossed.)








Somewhere inside there lurks.





I am somewhat desperately hoping I will be able to tease it out of



Hopefully a future post will tell us whether I win or not.


Uberfile awaaaaa-a-a-a-ay.



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5 hours ago, perdu said:

tell us whether I win or not.


There is no doubt that you  WILL win Bill


  Stay safe          Roger

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:) Ta Rog









Although the white lines do appear...








I needed a bigger piece of Dolgellau Wonder Stuff...


Ho hum





Should not be much of a problem to mix up a small dollop-bach for the nasal cavity and some relieving the side curves.


I don't know if you met EIHRSC, SIHRSC's sister a while back but she did the lioness's share of taking away the Millidust from the nose blank.


Say hello folks



She is an extremely hard worker it must be said but sometimes lacks the finesse of her younger sister, who normally gets the nod for these gigs...


But credit where due I say, she earned her corn today.


Another decision looms.


Are  there enough Airfix Whirlwinds out of captivity to make it worth using the nose as a casting blank or shall I just assume this is the end of my Whirlyneed?


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P1010146.jpgBlimey, look what was lurking in that Milliblob




You should feel the weight of this flimsy plastic bin, woo that must smart.



Anyway after that









Giving me




"It's jommetry stupid!"


There is a powerful, almost overwhelming drive to file the top of this arch on the forward slope to the shape of the windscreen first and forget the essential measurement is from the back edge of Milliblob to the nose.


I cannot touch even that until I have remodelled the front end with extra, essential Milli and finished the centre section, but for now this pleases me.



The beat goes on.


Interior next, again then when the new acetate arrives on with the motley roof.

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Interior additions, possibly exterior what d'you say?




Fuselage frame around the front arch of the door and cockpit rear section added.


And yet to be tidied with a gentle round needle filing the square openings of the door have been filled in with radius section as per the real thingy, bigger radius at the top than  the bottom.


Oh well it is what it ...


May be visible with a cockpit cover on so.



Certainly is through the cabin door.




Apologies Ian and others didn't think to get the camera on the tripod.


I am very glad I spaffed a few shillings on ebay for this.



'Invaluable' doesn't even begin.



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42 minutes ago, perdu said:

few shillings on ebay for this

Nice. I’m not so sure whether a bit of solder doesn’t to the trick equally well though. Mind you, my one of those is a bit old and crusty (like its owner…).




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6 hours ago, perdu said:

Apologies Ian and others didn't think to get the camera on the tripod.

It wouldn't be a Bill pic if it were in focus, now, would it!

Nice hooter though!



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  • perdu changed the title to Whirlwind over Borneo OK but this HO3S will never fly...

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