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1:72 Fine Molds Grumman F-14D Tomcat "Anytime, Baby!"

Navy Bird

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10 hours ago, Roberto said:

This one looks like a great kit, and you're doing a great work on it.


Thanks Roberto. It's been fun so far!    :)




Perusing through the rest of the instructions, I find that Fine Molds include a "supporting stand assembly." That surprised me, as I've never had a Tomcat model need weight in the nose, even when the wings are swept. Then I noticed the fine print: "The model will stand without supporting stand." Well, I'm glad we cleared that one up.    :banghead:


Now I'm wondering what the supporting stand is used for. I can find no other reference to it. Is very strange, no?


I assembled both wings and just had to try them out:




You may notice that I've added the spine. As I've said before, the fit was great. I thought at first that Fine Molds forgot that the F-14D had extra antennae bumps on the front of the wing gloves, but it turns out they are provided as separate parts. I haven't test fit them yet, but I guess if you want to share the fuselage with the F-14A kit that's how you need to do it. Hope they don't end up looking like they're scabbed on.


I've got a few more seams to clean up with Mr. Surfacer, and then I think we'll be dangerously close to putting some paint on this baby.




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