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Italian 'hatpin'...F-104asa-m 9 Stormo


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I have been developing something of a thing for Hasegawa's F-104 series in 1/72. I am gradually working my way through my favourite schemes; a Marineflieger 'G', a Norwegian Cf-104D, and now a late model Italian jet in the form of a F-104asa-m of 9 stormo, around 2004. It's  OOB, with the addition of Wolfpack decals and etched ejection seat handles.This is the only decal set I have found that does the low vis scheme with the correct and unique stencils. Wolfpack do a great range of very high quality decals-I've already built a Vermont ANG F-35a using them, and have a Orange Hobby F-35C in VMFA 314 marks in the final stages using their products. They are some of the best decals I have used; sadly the the guy behind them died last year, so get them while you can. 

I used Lifecolour for the hazy grey Fs36280 favoured by the AMI for its recent jets, and this went very easily for a very smooth, quick drying and hardy finish. I have been trying out brands like Mig Ammo and AK but just find them really temperantal and fussy to use in comparison with Lifecolour and Tamiya. I have a Hasegawa Typhoon to do next in the marks of 37 Stormo out of Trapani. Like this F-104, this has attractive checker marks on the rudder; they should make a good pair. Anyhow, pics!









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