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Yokosuka D4Y3 Suisei - FineMolds - 1/48

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Hello There,




My first official build on this forum! So, let's start it with the most beautiful dive bomber of the second world war, the Yokosuka D4Y3 Suisei, "Judy" for the allies. The model will be at 1/48 scale and comes from the excellent FineMolds.









I choose to represent this aircraft as a Kamikaze one, a very important subject i think, and who deserved to not be forget.




I have bought some extra for the kit, a figure from CMK, photoetch from the same brand as the it and Montex mask because I hate masking








First of all, all the airrcafts who flew for a suicide mission were were rid of all that was superfluous. So, the bomber seat, the machine gun defense and the radio are removed, so I scratch the support of the radio and add some metal wires 








All the pilots who go for the special attacks had a special ceremony before the last flight. The night before, they cut thier hairs, send them to thier family (or nail clipping), and just before climbing in thier aircrafts, they drink saké to the emperor. They also tie around their heads a headband, called hachimaki in Japanese, on which was painted a hinomaru and patriotic inscriptions.




I find this picture very moving







So I decided to present this headband around the head of the figurine, using putty tamiya








Then, the cockpit recieved some scratch to complete him








That's all for tonight,

Sorry for all the orthograph mistakes, I'm trying my best XD

Have a nice day and best regards


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Following with interest. I always enjoy Japanese subjects, as well as anything unusual such as the Kamikaze variant you are portraying here. I look forward to seeing how you get on.

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On 9/20/2021 at 4:26 PM, VinBizz4786_ said:

I find this picture very moving






This is an Awesome photo!  Did you notice the lock of hair hanging on his jacket?


I also agree that this is one great looking plane...

Edited by Tokyo Raider
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On 21/09/2021 at 00:15, Flight Line Media said:

Nice start, Vincent!! I look forward to seeing your build completed.

Thanks Buddy 

On 21/09/2021 at 18:17, clive_t said:

Following with interest. I always enjoy Japanese subjects, as well as anything unusual such as the Kamikaze variant you are portraying here. I look forward to seeing how you get on.

Thank you for the following mate !
It was the will to honor these suicides missions, who are too often forget 

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On 24/09/2021 at 15:22, Jackman said:

Will follow this for sure.  Nice work on the pilot 👍

Thanks 🤗

On 24/09/2021 at 16:00, Tokyo Raider said:

C'est une photo géniale! Avez-vous remarqué la mèche de cheveux accrochée à sa veste ?


Je suis également d'accord pour dire que c'est un bel avion...

Thanks mate,

Oh, nice detail, i did not see it 

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Hello guys,




Working really slowly, I offer you the latest advances on Judy;




First of all, looking at pictures of Japanses aircrafts during ww2, we can see the sheet metal of the fuselage pushed back on itself, because of its thinness and wear. It's like oil canning on submarines. So, we a special blade, I reproduce the effect








Then, the sides of the cockpit recieved some metals wires for more details








The paintjob begins with a pre shading, using XF-1








The main color is cockpit green XF-71 from Tamiya, very diluated to preserve the preshading effect







Adding some XF-11, I create some variation and lights effect







All the details are painted with brush and acrylics








The weathering is completed using AK washes and some pigments







That's it my friend,

have a nice day and best regards,


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On 04/10/2021 at 04:29, Jackman said:

Nice work on the stressed skin effect. Some tips ( in case you haven't seen them already)




Thanks, and thank you for the links 

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Hello guys,




I'm back (finally)! Sorry for my lack of posts, but I'm little bit tired these days with the work, and sometime, I don't have the motivation to go building models...




So, here a small update, who begins with a step I don't enjoy at all, the riveting, because I have only a bad and low quality rivet tool from trumpeter... But after some hours, the job is done








Then, the 2 sections of the fuselages, and the wings are glues! All the gaps are filled with small sections of plastics and mastic








The engine is upgrade with differents wires








After the painting and washes sorry, I don't know why, the picture is really bad)








And finally, I assemble the hood with the engines on the model. Some sanding is required, but this, is for the next update








Have a nice day,

Best regards


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On 26/10/2021 at 22:27, clive_t said:

Nice job, you've done more modelling here than I have in the last 2 months, and I don't even have work to occupy me!

Thanks man!! I'm enjoying the fact that I'm not married and dont have children 🤣

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Hello there !!!!

After having decide to shake my bottom, I have finally enought pictures to post for the forum, so here we go, shall we ?




The 250 kg bomb recieved a small add with cooper wires. And for the bomb bay, I see that on some pics, the doors were removed (maybe for the weigt... so two thins bands of plastic cards will replaced them








Then, the bay is painted with some dark green, and the weathering is made with a aluminium color dry brush, a brown wash and some pigments









Then, the bomb is painted and glue in place








The canopy of the kit was awful and damaged, so I replaced it with a vacuforme one








I really enjoy airrcafts in a flying position, for many reasons; I dont like opens canopy (it breaks the line of the aircraft), and alos because there is no landing trains to paint. So, the Suisei will be represented in his last suicide dive. The idea comes frome the website scalespot, and here is the tutorial of the methode to put your aircarts in a flying position https://www.scalespot.com/




And here the pic of the Bodybuilded bomber









That's it my friends !!!
Have a nice day and keep modelling,


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Hello there !!!

I took advantage of this week as well as this weekend to moving foward on the Suisei, so let's go to the pictures, shall we ?

First of all, I have "based" the pilot figure (modified CMK), using XF-52 mix with a little bit of XF-64, then, still using the airbrush, i made 1 layer of shadow and 3 layers of highlights








And I do the same thing but with the brushes












Despite the fact that the figure is for a A6M Zero cockpit, she fits perfectly in the bomber








Then, because the canopy of the kit was damaged, I ordered a new one, and after preparing it, she is glues to the fuselage (who wasnt the easiest part)









Then, the whole plane received a layer of ak aluminium color, and 2 coats of chipping fluid








For the green, it's a mixt of XF-12, lights with XF-11 and a little bit of XF-26











Them I highlights some pannels adding more XF-11 to the mixture









And to complete the paint job, some structure lines are painted in dark green XF-12








For the chipping, I have these 2 references pics













i have used a thooth brush and mostly a spoon (using the "abrasiv side")












Not bad at all for the first time I use chipping fluid,

That's it my friend

Have a nice day and best reguards


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Hello Folk,




here we are for a new update, with new pictures and somes advences !!

First of all, the inferior part of the Bomber wasnt painted, but now it's done, using Gunze color H61. I also use the same methode used for the green, with higlight and shadows








Because I had a few bad experiences with decals on rivet surfaces (despite the microsol), I have decide to use masks for the first time, from Montex








The national markings are painted with a mix of Red and Yellow, and also with some variations for more contrast








Then, other small markings (like the red squares or the lines) are painted with the airbrush, and I applied the few decals 








That's all for tonight gentlemen!
Have a nice day and best regards!

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Hello There,




I worked very hard this weekend to finish this Suisei on time, so let's get to the explanations without further delay;




First, to give the plane a tired side, in addition to the chipping, it received treatment with various oil paints, which make it look really good








Then, I add a pinwash (dark brown) to renforce the lines of the structure








The exhausts and exhaust marks are also treated with oil, more realistic than the airbrush








We glue the last elements on the model, then after a coat of varnish to protect everything, I let it dry








As usual, I prepare a small plate, adding a Haiku, a small Japanese poem whose interpretation is specific to each one; he says "The cherry blossom falls from the tree, but never comes up again








Finish line my friends




















As I like the traditions, and to pay homage to the Kamikaze body, I bought a bottle and a bowl for the sake, it was drunk in their honor








It is time for me to focus on a new montage, something very massive that I love more than anything and whose images will not be long,
Good end of the day to you,

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