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1/72 Arsenal Model Group P-63A King Cobra

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

here's my 1/72 P-63A King Cobra in Soviet Air Force markings from Arsenal Model Group.

I built from the box and painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics.

Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.





This is my first kit from Eastern European manufacturer AMG.

The sprues show similarities to Dora Wings and Avis, seems as if these companies are related.

The surface quality of parts is excellent, and fit is very good throughout.

The box includes a small photo-etch fret (for cockpit details) and a nicely cast resin radio.

Vinyl masks are a nice addition, but they don't work well on curved surfaces. 

Underwing and belly tanks are provided in the kit. Most photographs of Soviet Air Cobras show them without tanks, so I left them off.

Unfortunately the model turned out to be a tail-sitter. I added a plastic stand (borrowed from Hasegawa's B-26) for stability.

































Thank you for your interest!

Best greetings from Vienna,









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I agree with occa. The King Cobra is rare to see in kit form. As usual, you have created a masterpiece. Wolfgang’s photos compliment the sleek aircraft perfectly. 😃  Very nice and I like it!!! Congratulations :worthy:



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10 minutes ago, Pete in a shed said:

A little beauty Roman, I love it!:like:. What colour green/khaki did you use, did they retain the American paintwork or were they repainted after delivery?


Hello Pete, thank you for feedback.

I believe the P-63 was delivered in US standard paint (Olive Drab) for which I used Gunze H52.



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Hi My Friend Roman!!!


Congratulations for this  new masterpiece!!!

Really nice build indeed, have enjoyed the time invested in watching this  beauty... Both, enjoying the nice job you did and taking note of details... The kit looks wonderful but seem one not for novices but for experienced builders like you, and as you advices, just to  take care about the nose weight.


Liked the way you have finished the bird in paint finish and weathering as  your usual highest standard. Is so rare to watch one os these birds in any place in these days plagued by modern F-35, F-15, Typhoons  et al... Your outstanding jwork is a nice sight refreshing build.  I have One RPM and two Toko/Roden kits waiting the day but would love to build one French for my planned Indochina/Vietnam collection, and another one in Honduras Air Force as have watched one they have in the Museum in front of the Officers Club in my last trip there in 2019....Maybe one of these  days get so brave to take the build from start to finish in not so much days and surpise all...


Thank you very much for  sharing!!!



Luis Alfonso 


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