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"The American way of war" - M1A1 Abrams - Rye Field Model - 1/35

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Hello folk,




My most recent build, a small diorama of the operation Desert Storm, in February 1991. The kit of the tank comes form Rye Field and the figures are Alpine resine references. For this build, I have try a lot of new methodes, especially for the figures (I'm the most beginner as possible), and also for the diorama. I have follow the excellent videos of Uncle NightShift on Youtube (I'm pretty sure that a lof of us knew him).




The whole model, diorama, accessories and figures are painted with Tamiya acrylics, and the weathering with AK and Mig references.




here the building https://romandiemaquettisme.forumgratuit.ch/t408-the-american-way-of-war-m1a1-abrams-rye-field-model-1-35




And the pics;


























































Honestly, I consider this small diorama as my best build ! And I'm very proud (I'm the best)(just kidding)

For the tittle, it comes from an article about the american army and his capacity of improvisation during wars

Have a nice days guys,

Best regards,


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G'day Vincent,

                        I'm a modeller from Hobart, Tasmania (a small island south of the Australian mainland). I'm really impressed by your build. It's excellent. I wish I could paint figures that well. I did this kit about a year ago. Doing armour was totally new to me. I was in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and I've specialised in WW2 and Cold War Allied aircraft builds. I'm a semi-retired military historian these days and there was just something about the Abrams I've always liked. I started to follow Nicholas Moran (The Chieftain's Hatch) on YouTube. He is originally from the Irish Army who immigrated to the US and ended up as an officer Tank Commander of an Abrams during this conflict. He is an interesting bloke and really got me into armour for the first time.

I did my Abrams after the Australian Army purchased fully factory refurbished M1A1 Abrams from the US. Now, they have decided to buy new M1A2 Abrams as they suit the Australian outback terrain so well. 

A few weeks back I got a good deal on a 1/16 scale M1A1 Abrams and I was shocked when it arrived. It actually comes in a huge cardboard box with a carrying handle just like a suitcase! I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, as they say. 

I hope you enjoyed building your Abrams as much as I did mine. I think yours looks better than mine but I'm treating the 1/35 as a practice run for the bigger model. The Army has developed a new Australian camo pattern for their new Abrams, it's black, light desert tan and a mid-range, almost faded green colour. It looks quite good. When they operate in desert locations they go back to the all 'sand' colour.

Anyway, I just thought I'd make contact to tell you what a good job you did on your Abrams. Thanks for all the great photos.

All the best and take care.

Cheers, Bill Halliwell


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10 hours ago, raafbloke said:

1/16 scale M1A1 Abrams and I was shocked when it arrived

Is Big isn't she? :rofl:My kid is building one... well cant say that. I'm finishing she for him. Cant even think what will cost in paints! :clap:


Very nice diorama. Congratulations for the well done build!  :clap:



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