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Trumpeter 1/200 Hood with Pontos set

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Hi everyone. This is my Trumpeter Hood finished this month after 10 months on the bench. It has the Pontos detail set and Micromaster HACs, Quads, Searchlights, 4" secondary guns, and 4" ready use lockers. There's a full 50 part Vlog at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLcXWGXVcO3LZEJiwETkJ9eY_GZJBfI2


Hope you enjoy.





























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Hi Steve

A very nice job indeed, 1/200 enables a real museum like quality and fineness to detail, though requires an exponential amount of extra work to get there, (as I know to my cost) worth every hour in this case, congratulations, simply beautiful !!





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Beautiful clean build, meticulous rigging and the deck looks holystoned to perfection. And you've been paying attention to the hull colours and boot topping debates as well 


Brilliant job 👏👏👏



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That's a fine build there, as has been said already, immaculately completed. 1/200 scale is massive but I love the detail you just don't get at smaller scales (I have Hood in 1/350), especially for the AA guns, rangefinders etc. Also, I love the spare planking is it next to the funnels? 

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