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“Dive bombing” guidance lines on Mustangs?


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I know almost nothing about this but I have seen photos of post-WW2 Mustangs with black lines radiating from the wing root outwards along the upper surface of the wing. A caption I have seen refers to them being related to dive bombing and aiming. Was this a WW2 idea? 


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Here are some more photos that show the sighting markings. PR Mustangs also had a similar system, using crosses, for aiming the oblique cameras. The dive bomb markings seem to have been used by PTO Mustangs much more frequently than ETO aircraft.



Scroll down to see a P-51D with the markings. Click on the arrow to read the photo caption. (Very interesting read and some neat photos, BTW!)









explanation of the used of sighting marks for PR Mustangs

https://books.google.com/books?id=sBXjDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA166&lpg=PA166&dq=P-51+Mustang+PR+sighting+marks&source=bl&ots=tKZCad69HB&sig=ACfU3U24gneYqQCQ1tUQOwQtut82PYLHzQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjDmZii7YnzAhUtlmoFHUj2Ar8Q6AF6BAgwEAM#v=onepage&q=P-51 Mustang PR sighting marks&f=false






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1 hour ago, Duncan B said:

your namesake certainly had them and it operated in the ETO.

Yep- 4th FG ace Pierce McKennon's P-51D. The dive bombing markings were added late in the war, as evidenced by the red nose marking being swept back instead of being just a band behind the spinner backplate, the 4th began with red spinners, then a red band behind the spinner, then the swept back sash, as seen in the photo you posted. He had to bale out of one of his earlier mounts, which was damaged by flak, and another 4th FG pilot landed his Mustang on the field where McKennon was hiding, and Mckennon sat on his lap with the canopy open and was flown back to Debdon, the 4th's home field. See the link for his history and the description of this rescue. A very colorful pilot who flew a very colorful Mustang!




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