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Cleaning my airbrush


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Hi all,


Having recently seen a post about stripping paint off kits with disinfectant I was wondering how effective it would be on an airbrush. Mine has some enamel paint dried here and there. Using proprietary stripper would trash the seals, I think, so I am looking for an alternative. Have any of you used this method?





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What airbrush?


I primarily use Mr Color paints or other solvent-based paints with Iwata airbrushes. I use hardware store lacquer (cellulose) thinner to flush the airbrush after each use as well as for full tear-down cleaning. I've never seen ill effects to the needle seals within the body or to o-rings in the air-inlet and at the nozzle. I do use Iwata's lube when I re-assemble the airbrush after the full tear-down. The trick is to apply a drop of lube to the blunt end of the needle and use that to lube the interior needle seal. I also use Medea airbrush cleaner after the tear-down. My most recent tear-down was this past weekend.

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