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White Vulcan - GWH

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I got a bit burnt out doing the last details on my Airfix Vulcan so decided to do the only logical thing and build another Vulcan. I didn't have an XJ--- Vulcan and I hadn't done a white one in a few months, I'd also recent purchased a few Vulcan photos from eBay and one is of XJ783 in about 1962/63. So I went to the stash and retrieved a GWH Vulcan.



I decided to just build and not do any WIP threads or anything, quite refreshing, and in only three days I had a completed model. But first some of the few WIP pictures I bothered to take.




A few modifications were made for this one, because I do like to get my Vulcans right. First I removed the squared RWR from the fin and made it into the correct version for a white Vulcan. The TFR was removed from the nose and I blended in the seperate tip part, then scribed around the front of the nose to make it into the original smooth nose. I filled the hole for the IFR probe and removed some blisters from underneath. The tip of the tailcone was also reshaped to make it into Red Steer Mk1 instead of Mk2, I sanded through the plastic so half of it is built up from milliput.



Primed out of a rattle can



Very limited preshade by drybrushing


It took a couple of layers to get the finish I wanted but Halfords Appliance Gloss White is great stuff.



I had a masking disaster so had to paint the canopy panels. It looks fine in 1/144 and I actually prefer doing that in 1/200. Roundels and fin flashes are my own ones I printed. Serials were added from some spares from a Fündekal set she the sqn badge (83 Sqn) came from the same place. I forgot I hadn't printed a complete set of pale blue serials in this scale otherwise I'd have used my own.

Details were painted with Hataka Blue Line paints (I'm quite impressed with them) and I gave it a Flory Dark Dirt wash










Next to my Kiwi Vulcan from the ANZAC GB which is also the GWH kit.






Four anti flash white Vulcans:


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On 9/16/2021 at 2:48 AM, Taylor Durbon said:

White  Vulcans matter👍

Quote of the century, Sir! My favourite military plane, growing up. Had the privilege of seeing one at the 50th Anniversary RAAF Airshow, here in Adelaide in 1970.

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