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F-15E Hasegawa 1/72

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Now there is another new model from me.

It's an F-15E, but it's not a real E. Hasegawa didn't take it that seriously.

The kit is from the IdolMaster-series and is the 5th that I have built of it.

For more details, I used Eduard etched parts, Quickboost ejection seats and Aires thrust nozzles.

The decals were again very bad to stick on and required a lot of work.

The colors are from MRP.

I hope you like it.




















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I am really impressed with the art involved in these cartoon scheme planes...  i used to just think these were strange and I didnt get it...


But your model is really impressive and looks incredible seeing in on a model and not just boxart.  It looks really involved and i cant tell whats painted and whats decal!


You should post a picture of all your planes in this series...  it could be very cool to see...

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