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Sabre F.4 4 Squadron RAF Airfix 1/48

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Another 1/48 Airfix Sabre F.4 finished. This time it’s XB931 / G in 4 Squadron colours circa 1954 RAF Jever c/o Xtradecal sheet 48107. Left the ammo door dropped on the port side with this one as it was often down when on the ground for use as a crew step. Extras used include a couple of the new Eduard detailing sets. I also relocated the tanks to their correct position. Paints were airbrushed Humbrol enamels, all three colours lightened slightly to hopefully give a better scale effect, weathering was dry brushing along with a Flory 50/50 dark/black wash and Tamiya weathering pastels - may have gone a tad to far but don’t care. Loved every minute of it. Might think about doing that yellow and blue Yugoslav Sabre next. Happy for any comments good or bad. Hope it’s of interest.
















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Nice work Pete. 

I have one of these kits currently on the bench. It’s a fun kit imho. The Eduard goodies certainly make a difference. I felt that the cockpit is the weakest area of the kit. 


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2 minutes ago, Black Knight said:

That looks just grand so it does.

I'm unsure if I should get one of these. This may just persuade me

Cheers - follow my lead and get half a dozen!

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1 hour ago, 72modeler said:

Yep- she's a beaut! Along with the Hunter, and F9F Panther, the most beautiful of the weenie cookers from the 50's! Very nice build! 


The Panther is a good looking airplane. While many folks seem partial to the F9F-8 variant of the Cougar, I'm very partial to the F9F-6. In my mind, it's elegance is comparable to the classic Hunter.

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15 minutes ago, Tony Edmundson said:

mighty fine Sabre you have there.   One thing; you may have rotated the headrest 90 degrees.  Should be wider than it is tall.


Cheers, Tony

Cheers - something to get right on the next one.

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