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Takom FV432 2/1 aftermarket


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Hi all,


Having managed to finally get my hands on one of these I was wondering if anyone has any idea what aftermarket is worth it for the kit. Or at least how much they actually add. So far I'm aware of PE from Tetra and tracks from MasterClub and Friul.  Is there anything else I'm missing at looking at?


For anyone that has/has used any of them - do you feel they were worth adding on to the kit?


Thanks in advance for the help








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On 14/09/2021 at 16:25, ivan-o said:

You could do worse than having a look at these guys.



Nice they do the later NBC pack

Accurate Armour also do some sets for the Amby, Peak Turret, MCV, and Mortar Carrier 432; plus a few other bits



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