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Spindizzy, another Kreiger build

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4 hours ago, voozet said:

couldn't imagine what you actually want to build, because my poor English made it difficult to understand your descriptions.

I wouldn't worry voozet, even with English as my first language I've still haven't a clue what all this Krieger stuff is but Pete is such a bold inventor of shapes that it never spoils the pleasure his work gives. Welcome to the forum btw!

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6 hours ago, Alan R said:

Poor pilot's a bit exposed

I have been thinking about shields. 


14 hours ago, Stickframe said:

  Maybe your pilot could operate via gun to helmet tracking optics and fire via joystick controls?

I was already thinking along these lines, but thanks for your comments.

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Time for another update, and I've spent half the day in the manshed, so here are the results...


The radiator unit got glued to a black piece of card along with the thrusters. Which got some armoured wire along the top.

Which is actually a tank towrope. The flexible hoses you see here started out as bent sprue. I then fed Biro springs onto them.

After that superglue, quickly followed by Elmers white glue. The two mix nicely into a gloopy liquid which fills the gaps in the springs.

A nice thick coat of paint & we have flexible hoses. The last time I made them I used PTFE tape to wrap the springs on my Sternail build.



So we now have widely spaced thrusters that can steer and also propel the Spindizzy forward.




On the sides I fitted the Motorbike carbs to the fuel tanks.



And at the front more of that towrope/armoured cable. This time to feed the Pilot's input down to the gun platform.

I've also added a couple of supports to the ladder frame and you can probably just make out a battery.

 @DMC Was the source for that, thanks, Dennis.



And after all that, it now looks like this. The front and rear sections, being mounted on card, are still removable for painting.

next up I need to sort missile pod mountings and the pilot, plus anything else that springs to mind that might improve things, such as shields.

Thanks for looking, I hope to get more done tomorrow, so there may be a second update for the weekend!

Cheers, Pete

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And, somebody out there wanted shields for the jockey, (you know who you are!) 


The changes to date. We now have shields for the fuel pumps (I've decided that's what they 'probably' are.

And side shields (white card) and a front shield for said Jockey. I also found a better seat for him, which will need cushions.

Rockets? ah, yes, I got them mounted at last up there. (It allows for trajectory drop, doncha know) (Probably).

Yes, the yellow 'pylons' are the safety caps from Bic disposable razors.



A bit of a close up, and you can see that the front armour swivels up out of the way for access. Clever eh?



Just a shot to show how the pods look from the back. 



And another frontal shot. That black armour piece, they must have found a scrap bit from a tank or something.

Fitted it and found it wasn't big enough so they welded on another bit this side. That's my excuse anyway.

Comments are always welcome chaps. Have a good week, I'm off to Suffolk again early tomorrow morning.

Cheers, Pete

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A few neodymium magnets, properly placed under the floor of the vehicle and in the base (if you plan to have one) could lift it off the ground. The vehicle's floor is flat so it shouldn't be difficult.

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A vigorous assemblage Pete, really starting to develop a strong character all it's own. Any thoughts on the paint scheme? Pristine or weathered?

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20 hours ago, TheBaron said:

Any thoughts on the paint scheme? Pristine or weathered?

At the moment, the plan is various shades of military, shabby. It's the kreiger theme tone.

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Thought I'd nip into this Sci Fi area and take a peek again. Very ingenious use of the old SRN1 plus other bits I must say Pete. This Sci Fi lark is actually quite fascinating! Looking forward to seeing this painted and weathered.


Smashing stuff!



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58 minutes ago, Terry1954 said:

Looking forward to seeing this painted and weathered.

So am I! I've been working on it today, adding lots more greeblies and planning for a few more.

Thanks for popping by, Sci fi, for me, is rarely boring!

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Tooled up and nearly ready to go, just the battle dress left so looking forward to the end product Pete. Nice recycling work with the Bic razor sheaths, who said plastic modelling was bad for the environment 😃, you now register as an ' Envronmentally Sustainable Modeller'.😉

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It's Sunday, so it must be spot the Greeblies competition time! (I've already eaten the prizes so there's no pressure to win).


This thing now has a Jockey, and he has a means of controlling it. First off, there's that hefty looking bar in front of him.

I was thinking of the Florida airboats and their controls. So push forward to go right, pull back to go left. 

Footpedals to go and to stop. To that end I fitted forward facing braking nozzles. The LH one is seen here near the deck.

I've also added a control panel to his right on the shrapnel shield.


Lots of Greeblies here. Flare pack, ladder, I drilled out what were (I think) lights and fitted lifting eyes so this thing can be moved around.




More Greeblies this side. Even a shovel. 



@voozet suggested magnets to levitate the beast. Nice, but this was the plan. I've got some rusty welding rods.

A bit of bending, a few holes and we have instantly weathered greeblies! Actually it took a couple of decades.



With what I built for the foot pedals I've had to modify the shrapnel shield. Not pretty but it will protect his toes!

We've also gained a front bumper. From a Matchbox Diamond T transporter, it fitted perfectly.



Not seen on the other pictures is this head shield assembly. The brown bits are discarded bits from that earlier kreiger build.



This one is another view of the head shield and also shows the dials down by his feet.

As always, your comments and questions (i.e. What is he smoking? etc) are very welcome.

Have a good week, Along with a colleague I'm taking a truckload of empty barrels back to South Yorks breweries tomorrow.

Not starting work until 07:00, Lie in! Bargain! Cheers, Pete



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Thanks for all the likes and nice comments, Guys. I managed to get half an hour on it this morning.

I've altered that steering bar. It's slimmer now with a twist grip control on the end.

And I put filler on the Jockey's arm joints. More tomorrow.

Cheers, Pete

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Sunday update time. Are you sitting comfortably?

I assembled the component parts for a last pre-paint photo session.


Front right view. The big mouse was from a car kit built ages ago,but I like it here. Remember when Bin lorries always had an old teddy tied to the front?



At the back I've added a couple of metal wire crossfeed pipes to the thruster engines. And a vane in each exhaust.



Left side. Mostly as seen before. Nothing to see here, move along please....



A close up of the Jockey, Lt Stein (Frankie to his mates) (Yep, this is your Halloween update).

As can be seen, I've made changes to the steering bar. He now has a twist grip control and a lever complete with bowden cable.

I have make something for his left hand to hold (Don't be rude, that boy!). 

It was all then disassembled (Or unbuilded, as one of my Grand Daughters put it) and white primer has been applied.

Next weekend is booked up to be busy on the house, so I'll start to add colour when I get a chance.

Thanks for looking, (terms and conditions apply) Cheers, Pete

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I can't believe that you've managed to cram all that detail into such a small volume of space Pete: it's going  to look amazing with the colours on.


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