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Shiny 1/72 T-33 Squadron Hack Done

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For those of you who may not know what a "squadron hack" is, it's usually a certain aircraft used by various personnel to make short trips to other locations, for various reasons, such as one squadron/wing/base commander visiting another for whatever reason.  In case of it being an actual unit commander, then squadron, etc. pride comes into play, where the visiting commander wants to show off the maintenance and discipline characteristics of his/her command.  Sometimes they are really polished to the hilt.  (For some reason, Col George Laven, Jr comes to mind...)  Anyway, when highly polished, they are meant to show unit pride.


After finding that I had no T-33 in my collection, I decided, why not go the extra distance...   For those interested, pictures of the actual aircraft, the build thread (and art work) are HERE


Other than saying that this Platz kit is the best-fitting model that I've ever built, I'll let the pictures do the talking:













Thanks for looking,



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