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Kora 1/72 Rikugun Ki-93 limited run injection moulded kit


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Kora is about to release an 1/72 Rikugun Ki-93 limited run injection moulded kit in four versions.  

The prototype which flew once and three what-if or Japan-46 versions.

Complete plastic kit from new moulds with clear canopy and decals retailing at 66€ for a twin-engined fighter.







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- ref. KPK72133 - Rikugun Ki-93 Prototypes - Heavy Fighter

- ref. KPK72134 - Rikugun Ki-93-1a Mosutakira - Heavy Fighter


- ref. KPK72135 - Rikugun Ki-93-1b Mosutakira - Anti-shiping Aircraft


- ref. KPK72136 - Rikugun Ki-93-1c Mosutakira - Ground attack Aircraft



182218-0.jpg 182219-0.jpg


182220-0.jpg 182221-0.jpg



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On 9/10/2021 at 6:53 PM, Violet Club said:

I wonder how is the quality of Plastic ? Like RS models ?

The kits I have from them, reminds me of Sword plastic - it is easy to work with and holds the details pretty well.

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