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1/72 Carrier deck

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These are from Fujimi's 35001 kit. I bought this as a part set - the previous owner had built the tractor - so this is what was left over.


The crew wearing blue helmets and blue jackets are Aircraft Handlers / Tractor Drivers.
Those with white helmets and blue jackets are Aircraft Elevator Operators - Messengers and Phone Talkers.
The white helmet and green jacket is a Catapult and Arresting Gear Crewman.
White helmets and jackets denote  Air Transfer Officers (ATO) - Medical Personnel - Visitors / VIPs and
Purple helmets and jackets are for Aviation Fuellers.
Pilots are in Drab Olive suits with white helmets.

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This is a lovely scene with a Phantom Richard. Great photograpy! I particularly like the dancing ground crew at the port wingtip... 🙃

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1 hour ago, Ratch said:

I wasn't sure whether he was dancing or frantically trying to stop any movemen

I reckon they have just broadcast "YMCA" over the deck-announcement system...



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