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What the devil is this?


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22 hours ago, Stu_davros said:

One of the new cats eyes perhaps? Think they are LED.

That was my first thought, although new isn't really the right word. I believe they were fitted experimentally to some roads in the 00s, been a few years since I last saw one so presumably never widely adopted.

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2 minutes ago, Bullbasket said:

The only cat's eyes that we get out here are normally attached to a cat.

They're generally not battery powered too.  I've checked all six of mine (eyes - two per cat), and can confirm 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ 🐈 (we need a grey cat emoji).

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Ach, sure I know what it is. . . . . :whistle:







Try pushing inwards the lens part.  It might have a micro push to make/break switch

I found something very slightly similar on the road a few years ago.

No.1 son told me it was a clip on light for bicycles. It would clip onto a wheel spoke but on mine the wee clips had broken off. Its meant to give bicyclists a noticeable light from a side-on view

Mine was blue-ish coloured plastic. The light was mainly white but when you swung it around the light changed from white to yellow, then back to yellow and so on

The switch was a micro switch behind the bulb lens which was soft plastic - push to make, push to break

It too was completely sealed. No way to open it to change the button battery (batteries)


This is as close as I can get, just to show you the principle








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On 9/9/2021 at 4:41 AM, gunpowder17 said:

Looks like a kajiger from a doohicky , the one with the whatsit on the doodad.    Maybe wrong though......

You can tell it's a left-handed kajiger, 'cause the whatsit is in metric. 🤔

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