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'Codger' R I P


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Chas was a very good friend of mine and I feel bad for taking so long to respond to this post but, he was not the only long term friend I lost within a week of each other. My other friend was a life long friend of 59 years and between Chas and Jerry it hit me pretty hard. 

I had received an email from Chas about a week before he passed basically telling me that he was terminal but, he thought that he still had about 6 months left. Upon receiving that email, I responded telling him all the things that, he meant to me and how much I valued our friendship over the years. It was important to me to tell him while, I had the chance, just how much our friendship meant to me. His response was very heartfelt and moving and I'm eternally grateful that I was able to convey my thoughts to him before it was too late. Sadly, it was something that I was unable to do with my boyhood friend. 

In life it's better not to wait too long to say what is important because one day it may be too late. I'm just glad that I didn't wait to tell Chas. RIP Codger, my friend!

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I’ve only just seen this (because as Codger knew, R.R. Is not a brand that I have much interest in)

and I am truly saddened - he was so much more than just a person on an Internet forum.


I’ve just looked back through about 7 years of private messages with Chas 

and there was something very special about him, and I’m not talking about his 

modelling skills.

We did not discuss modelling issues as his superb skill levels and dedication to the craft

could not be further from my oob efforts, but when it came to 1:1 he described us as

”Brothers under the steel”, and at the time we both shared experiences of serious illness of loved ones.


Goodbye  Chas and thank you.

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