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Robin Olds 'Fighter Pilot' - Hobby 2000 1/72 F-4C. +++ FINISHED +++


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Finished!!! :yahoo:


Thank you Paul @Dansk, Giorgio @giemme and Alan @Alan P. Your support has been invaluable!


I finished about an hour ago, and now am feeling quite mellow after Mrs J. cooked a roast dinner! With several glasses of wine!! 🍷🍷:D


Very happy with the outcome. But it could should be much more weathered. The fuselage on the port side was quite scratched by ground crew working, down to the original Light Gull Grey. I did try adding this, but it really didn't work. Weathering is not really my forte.


And the two stars for the MiG kills - they're far to big!!! The Hobby 2000 decals were generally accurate, but I didn't notice the size of the stars till I applied them. If I can, I will replace them.


So here she is, Colonel Robin Olds' Phantom F-4C 'SCAT XXVII'.






Better get some pics in the gallery!





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  • Johnson changed the title to Robin Olds 'Fighter Pilot' - Hobby 2000 1/72 F-4C. +++ FINISHED +++
Just now, Dansk said:

I actually rather like those big stars.


Yes, they look great. But were actually about 30% smaller in 1967 (leaving room for more!). They appear to be based on the current scheme '829 - SCAT XXVII' wears in the US.


Knowing what I'm like, they'll probably remain as I move on to another project.

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Brilliant, congratulations on a well thought out and painstakingly completed build Charlie 👏👏👏 amazing finishing sprint as well to scrape into the gallery before the end.


Top drawer modelling 👍

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3 hours ago, Alan P said:

Top drawer modelling 👍

Many thanks Alan! The final run went pretty smoothly. The only nasty surprise was when I went to fit Sidewinder pylons/rails. The tops are color co-ordinated to the wing camo color above, so you can guess what I did!


2 hours ago, giemme said:

The odd payload makes for an even more interesting model 👍

Cheers Giorgio! Apparently the (considerable!) asymmetric load made for an interesting take-off! I really wanted to get the QRC 160 under the stbd wing. Whether it should have the little turbine blades I wasn't sure, there were contradictory advice on the sites I looked at.


A few things I'd still like to add, like the resin panels on the underside - electrics that couldn't be painted. but I was happy with the outcome.


The B&W image in the gallery background was a shot of the Ubon AB, extended clumsily with Paint Shop Pro, but a fitting backdrop I thought. It would be nice to get some of the Hasegawa ground and flight crew into the shots.


Now for a day off (childminding grandchilren!) Ah well, I had a good run.

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2 minutes ago, Chrisj2003 said:

Can’t wait to see what you achieve with the better FM kit. :goodjob:

 Many thanks Chris. I have the F4-D and the F4-E and am having trouble choosing. I'm minded to keep it logical and do the D next, but the E looks really nice and a bit different to my usual F-4s :undecided:.


But I'll leave it a few days, the last few weeks have been very intense and I'm not sure what Mr.J might think! :unsure::nono:

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