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HMS Brave 1/350 Atlantic Models

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Finally got my hands on a 1/350 HMS Brave which I've been wanting since I got back in to modelling. This project is another of personal significance as my Dad was posted to Brave when I was born and I was the first person christened on the ship.

Life at the minute means this one is probably going to sit on the shelf for a little while longer, but I'm so excited to have my return to modelling lined up after a bit of a hiatus starting a business.


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Hi Mathew,

A very long time ago in Portsmouth, as a mewling and puking little bundle of joy, I was christened on the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious, and after a lifetime of family albums full of Sea Vixens, Whirlwinds and sampans, not to mention the ship herself I decided that it was time to do her justice, at this point "the madness" descended, and instead of sensibly attacking the Airfix 1/600 kit with some PE I now have  a hull (hooray !) after over a year of work which is about 4ft long, the saga can be found on this forum under "HMS Victorious (1961) in 1/200". I don't know how long its going to take, certainly a few more years, and I'm not sure what to do with it once finished, but I suppose its more to do with the journey rather than the destination !!





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I've got the original WEM BRAVE in the stash which is basically the same kit.  I was her Flt Cdr 1990-1992 and my avatar is getting airborne from BRAVE in Feb 1991 in the middle of Op Granby.  Sad thing is, though I remember taking hundreds of photos of her, I've actually got very few that I can lay my hands on.  


There are a few here which might help including hangar interior shots: https://www.flickr.com/photos/16607344@N04/albums/72157680128660613



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