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best value supplier for large size (A3) styrene sheets for modelling?


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I use a lot of styrene sheet for my scratchbuilds, plus I have a cutting machine that can take A3 size sheets;  however, the owner of the LHS I used to get my supplies has retired.


Can anyone recommend a supplier of styrene sheet, the type that can be adhered with Revell Contacta and Tamiya extra thin, that provides good value for money?




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Hi Mike,


Have a look on Station Road Baseboard and see what you think.  I bought many sheets of A4 in various thicknesses over a few years and always received prompt service at a fair price.  Nice bloke also.  




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There are numerous plastics suppliers to industry in most local areas that might be worth seeking out for larger size sheets.

However, I have found from experience that it you store polystyrene sheet for years it gets brittle with age 

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