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WASP flamethrower

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5 hours ago, vytautas said:

Perfect weathering! Modelling, of course, too. I really like the fact that there are a lot of shades in the model. Looking really nice.



Thanks! A lot of different layers of oils and washes and pigment.


1 hour ago, dov said:

Nice built. Weathering well done.

Frightning subject, in real.

Happy modelling 


Yeah, wouldn't want to stand face to face with one of them.


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On 06/09/2021 at 13:13, Bertie Psmith said:

That's a little gem (and provokes a need to get one for myself). You've done a great job on it. I love the scorches on the bonnet.


What's the cylinder on the bonnet with the pipes leading towards the engine?

Thanks. I've searched the internet but can't find the answer to what the cylinder is for. Some additive to the gasoline, but I don't know what exactly. My best guess is a gelling agent to turn the gasoline into napalm.

17 hours ago, The Great Escape said:

Fantastic build. So realistic!



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