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1/32 Spey engine Phantom parts for the Tamiya kit


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Spey Phantom intake and exhaust parts for 1/32 scale Tamiya conversion
I have been fortunate to be involved to a small extent and now to a much larger extent on making these parts available to modellers that either have the Cutting Edge conversion or who are prepared to do a fair bit of kit bashing them selves, to produce a BRITISH PHANTOM from the Tamiya F-4J  Phantom kit.
This project has mainly been driven by the talented modeller Anthony Galbraith, who is doing a mammoth build on Large Scale Planes, see the link here https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86105-raf-fg1-xv571-wild-hare-phantom-conversion/

The next important person in the chain is the CAD designer Kerry Carlyle, who got on board as a favour to help Anthony out with some of the tricky parts and that would be impossible to design with this amount of detail by good ‘old’ modelling methods.

The other important person who brought Anthony, Kerry and myself together is Rick Godden, so that completed the team. However as you will see on the LSP thread above there have been quite a few others guys that have chipped in with information and pictures to assist.

At this point it has been handed to myself to see the interest and the viability of producing these sets for modellers. However as this is NOT a full complete conversion, I really feel that before I spend a lot of time settting up the optimum printing orientation, and taking firm orders, it would be beneficial to see the demand for this set. 
Kerry has invested a lot of hours in developing and reworking the set in conjunction with Anthony, and it is to that end that Kerry would also like to see some return financially for all his hard work. He and I have now struck a deal that providing we have enough interest will firstly benefit him and secondly if the interest is sufficient I will look at adding even more parts to enable the conversion from J to K/M Phantom that little bit easier, not promising any defined time line, or what I may offer. 
As many of you will know I was planning this conversion a few years ago, then we got promised a full kit, and although that may still happen……one day this may still work out the best way to get some of the best detailed parts for the Spey.
Without trying to make comments on each photograph here is quite a few from my initial TEST PRINTS, and a few more lifted from the LSP BUILD tht is linked above that show the fit on the kit.
The first picture shows what is included in the set, there is a total of 32 parts, the set will retail for £30.00 plus shipping. 
As a guide the shipping will be as follows £3.00 for the U.K., £7.00 for Europe, and £10.00 for the rest of the world, this will be standard airmail, tracked will be extra.
To make this a worthwhile project we require an order book of at least 20 sets.
All of these parts will be 3D printed resin as shown in the pictures.

The only way that I can sort and arrange a list of interested customers is through my email address at aerocraftmodels@gmail.com

Once the poll is complete, end date for initial interest, will be till the 12th September 2021, if sufficient numbers have been attained the set will go live on my website aerocraftmodels.com and each interested party will be emailed. The first sets will be mailed out around the beginning of October.

8D7B88EC-C164-40E5-9521-43A829368DE9 3B5E8769-3DD6-444E-A027-4F327AA9F75C







C32DE975-ED71-4967-92C3-A9B5A12590F3 C2B5DF53-61E7-4DD4-8F42-A9C144F1E2CE CA144CB1-9FBD-49E2-892C-D58C3FDBE28B BA21FF0D-D2BE-41E2-A536-1D68151D6E09


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Oh great news Ali!  Those test prints look brilliant! Might have to order a set of those myself Lol


I can say without a shadow of a doubt they are going to make life a WHOLE lot easier to make a Brit Toom possible!  Another thing that might be worth knowing is that is ever a kit comes out there is a strong possibility they might even fit it.  We went off actual measurements, but there was some tweaking to get them to fit Tamiya. Although there is no financial gain for me, Kerry and I really did this out of pure love for the Spey Phantom and to help me out.  The idea is that with Ali on board he can help realize anyone elses dreams.  Good on you mate for making them available.


Thanks for the nice compliment on my build and I hope you get lots of interest.... I really hope we see more Brit Phantom conversions out there being done or even considered.  Who knows you might even beat me to finish!




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These look great. Is there also a possibility of printing the exhausts at 1/48 to replace the inaccurate items on the hasegawa kit? 

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