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Looking for 36-39" RAF aircraft code letters

Jim Kiker

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Hi all,

I am looking for a set of 1/48 scale RAF WW2 dull red code letters, 36" tall, for one of my projects but I am having a hard time finding them as they seem very uncommon.  I have exhausted myself on the 'net for commercially made sheets, and spoken to the Fantasy Printshop folks but they are not accepting custom work at this time.  I have even checked into using different scale letters. 1/32 scale 24" letters have the same height as 1/48 scale 36" letters (19mm), but I did not find any dull red lettering sheets there.  Am I beating a dead horse?  Let me know if there is a sheet of decals out there that I have missed. Or, any other ideas?  Masks, perhaps?  If so, I would need help because I do not have the expertise.  And since I mentioned it, if it's possible to scale up some letters could they be made with a height of 39" ?  The photos of my project do show these letters to be slightly larger than the standard 36" roundels.  Any light you can shed on this would be very helpful.


Thanks and cheers, Jim

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If you're not averse to masks rather than decals, then Maketar do 24" RAF letters in 1/32:




They will also do custom sizes:




If you do go for them, I would suggest the 'kabuki' material (basically Tamiya tape), rather than vinyl.



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Xtradecal has 48” codes. Could they possibly be sectioned down? Take 25% horizontally, and the same vertically to keep the aspect ration the same?


Hannant's 48" x 30" red bomber codes




Lot of work, but it's only 3 letters a side!

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