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1/144 Air Finland B757-200


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wow this build is still continuing to give you some grief!


Gee in that last photo the difference is quite noticeable, luckily it's not an angle that is looked at often. Adjusting the LH leg should at least get her to sit nicely.


Keep going you're nearly there, aside for hose couple of issues she does look impressive! :thumbsup: 

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@trickyrich thank you for your support, I really needed it! 👍

Main u/c was corrected as needed, wheels and doors on, some lights and aerials added here and there and finally a not so shiny clear coat to finish off: this plane was well worn and actually quite filthy.


And finally it is completed 🏁

Need to take better images for the gallery but the wheather is horrible, hope for some sun next year...





In the end this build consumed all the time available. Was it worth? Yes, in a way I always like a challenge when I manage to reach the goal.

Overall though I would never attempt again the Minicraft kit, luckily I had only one in my stash. It is too afflicted by inaccuracies and plain mistakes, a huge amount of work is needed to obtain a really accurate 757 (much more than I did) and it is so easy to build instead the excellent Zvezda kit. Keep in mind there are more issues than I reported, some I simply choose to ignore, while the kit supplied engines are another can of worms which I avoided with the spare ones from Zvezda.

The decals were another let down: the stiff film gave me a lot of grief but maybe it's a matter of age, I purchased this sheet a few years ago. There were also a lot of so-so details though which didn't leave me too happy and overall I'm quite disappointed considering they are not cheap either. On the other end, these are the only choice on the market for this livery, so I should thank them for doing it!


A big thank you to the moderators for all the time spent  in supporting the ongoing builds and congratulations to all the other members for many interesting threads!


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Seeing this in the gallery made me realise I hadn't caught up with the thread for some time. Now that I have, your end result is truly commendable, & I truly am going to sell my Minicraft kit on, just as soon as I have the Zvezda kit to hand. I don't think I have your skill or patience to produce the fine result you have. It looks fantastic. 👍


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well the perseverance paid off, she looks amazing!!! :thumbsup:


Well done on completing her, it was a bit of a struggle that's forsure, but in the end you have a fine looking model in my opinion.


The issues with the decals were probably to do with the actual decals themselves rather than the age of them. I have decals that are 30+ years only and still ok, and others less than a year old that are rubbish.


Anyway, it's always great to see airlines in the GB's, they make a great change to multitude of camouflaged aircraft we always get.


Hopefully the build wasn't to bad, it was great that you could join us here and again well done.

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