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1/144 Air Finland B757-200

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Hi all,

I enjoyed so much the first GB that I joined the list for this one immediately after it was proposed!


Again I have too many fitting kits to start, this time I made a decision to enter first an airliner, maybe this will be easier to finish and give me additional time for a second entry.

So, my plan is to build the much cursed Minicraft B757 (not Zvezda, I still have to buy it) because I have it in my stash and this is a good excuse. Perhaps I will do some shape improvements, but we'll see.

For sure the livery will be this:




I made a return trip on it in 2006 for a holiday in Minorca. I have very good memories and the plane was quite comfortable compared to the run of the mill Airbuses and B737s.

Cheers Fabio



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welcome along Fabio, glad you enjoyed the first one so much..... I think a few others did as well!.


It's great to see another airliner in the build, there are some many nice schemes out there, they just brighten up the gallery.


Well good luck with the build, look forward to following your build/s.

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That's a lovely subject choice Fabio and always good to see one with a personal connection. Is there much corrections required to the kit shapes?

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@trickyrich @Col. thank for your kind words!


Unfortunately the Minicraft kit is not one of their best and gained a bad reputation over the years. Among the many possible corrections I collected the following from other modellers' builds who were so kind to report their impressions for posterity:


- the fuselage is about 5mm too long aft of the wing, somebody even wrote the excess is in the tail making also the fin chord too big;

- the engines point upwards so the pylons need reshaping;

- the nose is not entirely right in its peculiar shape;

- the top of the fin slopes downward instead of being level with the ground;

- the worst problem is reportedly the different thickness of the port and stbd wings, even the wing fairings would be different making the whole assembly very prone to asimmetries and bad fitting.


I'm not totally convinced of this last terminal flaw: from my observation of the parts and quick dry fitting I can't see those horrendous defects, but maybe I will change my mind after sitting at the desk with a well lit working area and checking again.

For sure the kit has very coarse moulding, thick trailing edges, approximate details, ecc. ecc. BUT if you wanted an injection kit of the 757 before the fantastic Zvezda kit, it was anyway better than the terrible Eastern Express one (which is said to be a bad copy of the Minicraft kit itself, what perversion! ).

I don't know yet what corrections I will use in my build, I will need much patience to make everything fit and give some refinement to a very poor kit, so probably it will depend on how much inspiration will remain in my heart after applying those basic improvements!


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