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British Weapons & Equipment for Tank crews & Infantry (35361) 1:35


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British Weapons & Equipment for Tank crews & Infantry (35361)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




This new set from MiniArt supplies everything you’ll need to kit out your WWII British soldiers, whether they’re tankers or otherwise, there’s something for everyone.  Inside the shrink-wrapped box are five sprues, each one full of weapons and accessories.


1 x Lee Enfield Rifle with sniper scope

1 x Bren Gun with optional open or closed bipod

1 x Sten Gun with wire stock

1 x Sten Gun with tube stock

1 x Thompson Gun with foregrip & drum mag

1 x Thompson Gun with stick mag

4 x pistol

3 x battle bowlers with mesh cover

1 x battle bowler

3 x shallow battle bowler

5 x American helmet

3 x grenade

9 x pistol holsters

16 x various magazine pouches

4 x canteens

1 x map case

1 x entrenching tool

1 x entrenching tool pouch

3 x knife in sheaths

1 x empty knife sheaths

1 x bayonet

1 x empty bayonet sheath

3 x bayonets in sheath

5 x goggle

6 x bag

3 x entrenching tool in pouch

1 x binoculars

1 x camera






As usual with MiniArt sets their sculpting is exceptional with crisp detail and extras to add some detail to their vicinity if you use them in a diorama.  The Bren is actually two Bren Guns and both have an optional bipod, while the Sten Guns have separate magazines and cocking handles.  The Thompson “Tommy” Guns have separate mags, and there are an undocumented three Grease Guns with separate stocks on the same sprue, which is nice.  The painting guide on the rear of the box includes part numbers too, that relate to colour swatches, Vallejo, Mr.Color, AK Real Color, Mission Models, AMMO, Tamiya and colour names in a chart below.






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Looks a pretty comprehensive set, although I'm surprised that they have included a P.1903 bayonet as well as the No. 4's.  They did the same with the British Infantry Weapons and Equipment set.

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