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Good day, colleagues and sympathizers.
Finally, I caught inspiration and" brought " to mind a couple of long-term projects.So-a British 3-ton truck.It was used in the British troops during the First World War.To be honest, I didn't go much into the history of the prototype, and there is little about it(well, or I don't know how to use Google, who knows?...)
About the build. Miniart-well done. Traction, engine, controls - everything is very well detailed. But the problem, as always, lies in the poor quality of plastic and extremely peculiar injection molding.Half of the rods were eventually replaced with tubes/wire, etc. The hood assembly was also not pleased.
The result - you see in front of you.
Coloring - RealColor, Akan, Tamiya.
Oils and pigments-Ammo and co.
The junk in the back is a miniart and some other bags from the stash boxes.
Thank you for your attention, enjoy watching!


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Hi Sergei,

A very interesting subject, so archaic, it seems incredible that something like that would work ... lol
A very good level of detail, the engine, and the transmission below, very good job.
Cheers and TC

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Lovely work Sergei, very nicely presented as well.

I encountered similar problems with the molding of the rods and bars when I built their " Battle bus" a little while back. I still enjoyed the build though.





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