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Starship Maintenance trench wall hanging

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Remember the opening scenes of Red Dwarf? A spacesuited figure is painting, the camera pulls back & we see a huge spaceship.

Well, that partly inspired this build.  I built a Star Wars freighter and wanted a different way to display it.

I had a redundant noticeboard and an idea. Plastic card, Polystyrene foam and glue came together to create this...





Here's the Squadron badge. I thought some colour might brighten things up, and then this happened.

I used a Japanese wing roundel and a pirate decal plus pen & pencil. Panel lines were enhanced with acrylic pastels.





The Starships all seem to have maintenance trenches. This is only loosely based on them, I just used what I had for greeblies.



More greeblies. We're going from left to right BTW. No prizes for guessing what these were originally supposed to be.



The front end of the Vaurbian Freighter hoves into view. Above it is a repurposed 1/350th F-5. 



And in this shot is the Imperial shuttle. This picture was taken before I added the F-5.



See, it's back again. The F-5 and various other bits were donated by @bootneck, so my thanks to him for his generosity.



Hopefully it doesn't look too far out of place. I tried to add a nav droid behind the cockpit.

There's room for more ships to be attached to this, so I'll start another in the near future. 

The WIP is in the usual place. Comments are always welcome, and thanks for looking. Pete



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Thanks you, chaps. I'm rather chuffed with it myself. I think next up will be a coupe of scratchbuilt Tie fighters.

I have the dimensions and pictures. I just need the time!

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3 hours ago, TEXANTOMCAT said:

anyone else hearing Red Dwarf trumpets? ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba b baa ba baaaaa - really inventive chap - top work 




Yeah and if you look at it long enough goldfish will start nibbling at your toes! :lol:

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