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1/72 Beaufort DAP Mk V/VI conversion


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About the review.

The RAF was after a General Reconnaissance/Anti shipping aircraft, technically not a bomber.  When the Bolingbroke was cancelled in December 1937 the order was changed to British built Beauforts in February 1938, this order was added to later in 1938 then cancelled in stages in 1939 and 1940.  The idea of ordering 180 from Australia, 90 RAF, 90 RAAF, was proposed in the first half of 1939, the organisation to build them was launched on 1 July 1939, the RAF order was placed in 1939, the RAAF formal order was on 20 July 1940.  Not sure about the "some saw combat use, the majority served in the training role" claim but I do not know if it applies to the first 50 or the first 90 aircraft.


According to Stewart Wilson the mark VII, VA and VIII had the enlarged tail as built, Wiki claims the mark VI onwards, photographs of A9-66 and 71, both mark VI, show the larger tail.  L4448, the pattern aircraft, shipped engineless from Britain in 1939, being first flown with twin wasps on 5 May 1941 had the larger tail fitted by early September while the first Australian production example flew on 22 August 1941.  A cable dated 16 March 1942 reporting the changes made notes the 15% enlarged fin had been designed.


The aircraft were basically built in RAAF serial order, which makes the mark VA designation odd.

Mark, airframe, engine, propeller gun turret, serials, production

V, Standard Australian, S3C4-G, Curtiss Electric, Mark 1E, A9-1 to 50, August 1941 to May 1942
VI, Standard Australian, S1C3-G, Curtiss Electric, Mark 1E, A9-51 to 90, May to August 1942
VII, Standard Australian Modified to suit RAAF requirements, S1C3-G, Hamilton Constant Speed, Mark 1E, A9-91 to 150, August to October 1942
VA, Standard Australian, S3C4-G, Hamilton Constant Speed, Mark 1E, A9-151 to 180, October to December 1942
VIII, Standard Australian Modified to suit RAAF requirements, S3C4-G, Curtiss Electric, Blenheim V, A9-181 to 700, November 1942 to August 1944.


One document notes the possibility of mark VA and VII having De Havilland 3E50 propellers. (DH Australia reported to be building Curtiss propellers)

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6 hours ago, 72modeler said:

Saw this just now! Looks very good to me. @tonyot- how many do you have on pre-order? :giggle:




Already building one on the Bristol GB mate,.... although i this instance I`m converting it into an RAF Mk.II. Thanks for the heads up though pal,.... looking forward to their other versions as they come out.  

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