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1/48 Hasegawa Hellcat II - Abandoned Project #2

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This project is finally finished.  It was started in 2004 using the information available to me back then.  So here's the model wrong markings, configuration and all.  Thank you for taking a look.




Engine and cowling - Obscureco cowling and a frankenstein R-2800

Cockpit and wheels - Hi-Tech

Sliding canopy - Squadron vac-form

Windscreen - Hasegawa F6F-3 kit modified to incorporate a 0.015" plexiglass flat panel

Prop markings - Archer Fine Transfers HS logos

Decals - Aeromaster, White Dog Decals, Yellowhammer Models











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I'm no expert on WWII aircraft so I wouldn't know the errors if there are any. To me, it looks like a workhorse Hellcat and that's good enough.

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2 hours ago, mick b said:

Excellent Hellcat Don, which paint did you use for the SBG?



@mick b Thank you for the compliment.  I have a large store of Floquil paint.   Enough that I have no need to purchase any new paints, aqueous or solvent based.  The Gloss Sea Blue is my mix using Floquil.  ATSF Blue 33 parts, Engine Black 12 parts, Signal Red 3 parts, Reefer White 6 parts.  Perhaps any paint could be used to make a similar mix.  Or these days, more convenient and economic to purchase a prepared paint.





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3 hours ago, noelh said:

Well it looks good. I do like a Hellcat. But please explain the issues you mention? 

@noelh Thank you for the compliment.  The "X" painted on the vertical stabilizer is in the wrong location.  The serial number was painted above the "X".  The number should be JX772.  Likely that the underwing rocket launchers were removed.  Here's a link, on Britmodeller, to one of the discussions regarding this aircraft Bill Atkinson's 1844 NAS Hellcat.

I opted not to correct the model.  I just want in my display case and move on to another project.



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