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Sopwith Camel Upgrade Sets (for Eduard) 1:48

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Sopwith Camel Upgrade Sets (for Eduard)

1:48 Eduard & Eduard Brassin




We’ve just reviewed the brand-new tooling of this important WWI Allied fighter here, and it’s a grand little model.  Eduard's new range of sets are here to improve on the kit detail in the usual modular manner.  Get what you want for the areas you want to be more of a focal point.  As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE), Brassin resin and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between.



SPACE Cockpit Set (3DL48038)

The Eduard SPACE sets use new 3D printing techniques that lay down successive layers of different colour resin, creating highly realistic almost full complete panels that are supplied on a decal sheet.  They can depict metallic shades, plus glossy, satin and matt colours too, which really ups the detail on everything they print.  In addition, a small sheet of nickel-plated and pre-painted PE is included for the aspects of the set that lend themselves better to this medium, such as seatbelts and rudder pedals.


The 3D decal sheet contains a pair of wood textured instrument panels with two additional appliqué dials each that sit forward of the main dials.  The PE sheet has the two wide leather lap belts, complete with perforated buckle eyelets and finely-etched cord for attaching them to the seat.  This little set with improve the detail immediately, although it would have been nice to have two sets of belts to match the two panels.








Seatbelts STEEL (FE1215)

These belts are Photo-Etch (PE) steel, and because of their strength they can be etched from thinner material, which improves realism and flexibility in one sitting.  Coupled with the new painting method that adds perceived extra depth to the buckles and other furniture by shading, they are more realistic looking and will drape better than regular brass PE.  As in the 3D cockpit set above, the small fret contains the two wide belts with perforated buckle eyelets and fine attachment cords.







Resin Seat (648659)

With just the one part in the package, you could be forgiven for glossing over this replacement seat, until you see the detail that has been shoe-horned into this tiny part.  The wicker construction has been represented in astonishing detail, with the lighter middle section translucent due to its scale size.  It is clearly designed in 3D CAD, and it also has tiny tendrils linking it to the casting base, which should reduce the amount of effort needed to remove it from its block, preventing damage to the delicate part.  If you’re interested in detailing your cockpits, this is a must-have.







Vickers Mk.I Machine Guns (648660)

There are four resin parts in the package, representing the two breeches and the two cooling-jacket wrapped barrels, with detail parts on a small PE sheet, including the ring-and-bead sights as well as the trigger lever.  Detail is exceptional again, showing off all the intricacies of the gun’s design.







Wheels Type 1 & 2(648657 & 648658)

These two sets supply wheels that are broadly similar on first glance, but show their differences on closer inspection.  The Type 1 have wider rim details with radial fins around its circumference, and a similar smaller detail around the centre of the hub.  The Type 2 has a very thin lip around the rim, and a similarly understated centre.  Both types have the same subtle impression of the spokes under the fabric outer hubcaps, with a flat surface on the rear.  They are drop-in replacements for the kit parts, with small contact-patches mating them with their casting block to ease the task of removing them, which is further simplified by the fact that these early pneumatic tyres have no tread.  Both sets come with kabuki tape masks (not pictured) to cut the demarcation between tyres and hubs, plus a set of decals for the sidewalls of the tyres that say “Palmer Cord Aero Tyre 700 x 70”.  There are six per set to give you a little opportunity to recover from screw-ups.


Type 1 (648657)






Type 2 (648658)






Rotherham Air Pumps (648674)

This tiny detail set arrives on a tray-style casting block, which has protective upstands at each end, preventing the parts from being damaged during shipping and handling.  Also included is a small fret of PE that includes parts for five styles of brackets that vary depending on which strut they are attached to, and two styles of pump plus three styles of blade to spin this air-powered fuel pump system.  Not mentioned in the instructions but detailed on the 3D drawings are the hoses leading away from the pumps, which you should be able to replicate with some fine wire, but check your references to be sure.








That’s a lot of detail for such a small WWI fighter.  It’s a great kit, and these sets can be used to make it even better.


Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of




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