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DCS Mosquito looks awesome

One 48

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Thought I'd share this here, the level of detail is astonishing already, as scale modellers, primarily, we all strive for detail, best kit of the Mossie has to be Tamiya's big 1/32 bird, surely? But apart from getting to fly one for real that must be nigh on impossible now, hard core study sim modules such as this and especially in VR or with Track IR must be the next best thing?

Its not out yet (soon) have pre-ordered for a discount, it will grow and mature as always with these modules even after release, but wow, super excited about this one ... I hope the Rolls Royce Merlin engine sounds are replicated well all over its range/RPM.

Here is a wee cold and dark start up procedure, seems complicated, but that's how it was in real life, pretty sure there will be a one button click start option too, but where is the fun in that? :)


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