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1/72 Hawkeye Designs Me-109G-10 - abandoned project #4

don f

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Years ago, the Hawkeye Designs 1/72 Me-109G-10 was considered by some as the definitive Me-109 kit in that scale.  I have little interest in the 109 so I can't comment on the accuracy of the kit.  I don't build 109's so take it easy on me.  This project was begun so long ago that I have only a film record of the beginning.  I thought this multi-media kit would be an interesting challenge.




This project is one of those plagued by mistakes and misfortune, many repairs of broken parts, lost parts, bad paint job, splashed with CA, badly warped wings when left in a hot car, and more.  The model was stored for a long time.  I am determined to finish the model, hopefully with good luck.










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