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Axminster diaphragm compressor low pressure "puff, puff"


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Hi all. 

I don't know where or who else to ask. 


I have an Axminster diaphragm compressor (no pressure tank) that's been gently used for about 10 years without issue. 


I've gone to use it after a layup of about 2 years and I thought my airbrush was clogged/dried up as it wouldn't spray. Bought a new one... Same issue. 


If I cover the nozzle the pot bubbles gently. If I fill it with acrylic thinners I can feel "puff, puff" on my hand but no liquid is drawn through past the needle. 


I've checked the air inlet which is fine. Removed the top and checked the Reed valve... OK. Spins freely and the diaphragm is OK. Why am I getting no pressure? 

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