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Brian May's Red Special - or Old Lady1/6 scratchbuilt

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Hi. This is my Red Special, the guittar of Brian May, by Queen. I realy a fan of the Queen since 12 or 13 years age (I'm 48 today). The body and arm was build with balsa wood, the strings with sewing thread, and bottons, shield and  other parts was scratch with plastics, paper and wire. Built under Queen's songs, to inspirate me.



p?i=41fa1b888a389c762e5b353c0ed1f148 p?i=d635dcb51ddc0f094580386f760c55df p?i=34467817ccf52208cef28d565fabedf8


p?i=ffcb325aa33d53bdb327de91baa820c2  p?i=3361324988d1a8a5e4ce2342e292a8f3

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