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Mythical Draken - Completed by magic.....and alcohol!

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Truth be said this is more of a place holder than an actual build…..until the huge Tufted Duck arrives :wub: , hopefully in time for me to complete here.




So the Mythical Draken is the Eduard special release, note the box has long since gone the way of dragon….it was one of those silly Revell sized box. So this one lives and hide (I sometime forget where it is) in a much more manageable sized box.




Being a Hasegawa re-box it is of course the model is lovely, and one of Hasegawa better models.


Come with the extras in a Eduard release…




….plus I have the Aires detail set to go with her.




If I was to build this I’d probably with the “Ghost tail” version, looks cool, though I could have fun with a super weathered and patchy Danish one. 




But of course this in neither here nor there because this is the Mythical Draken of course!!  :tease:

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45 minutes ago, Grandboof said:

Just as well there a Ghost tailed option seeing this exists beyond the veil . Looking forward to seeing what appears 

Martin H




It'll probably be a month or so before I even start anything in this GB. #1 build is the monster Tufted Duck...... though it hasn't't shipped yet, hopefully it will in the next week or so..... then who knows how long it'll take to get here from Turkey!


So co mid-October if it hasn't arrived by then I may just have to start this one......hopefully not..... plus I have got to remember that the F-14 STGB also starts in about 2 weeks time!!! 


Dear god I have soooooooooo much going on!!! And I'm not even thinking about Hosting duties either!  :frantic:

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39 minutes ago, Paramedic said:

Great box with just the stuff you need - as well as great decal options! :)


I hope you get your Dufted Duck soon enough too!



Mmmmm I think there may be another couple of weeks to go before the Tufted Duck is sent, they only post 15-16 models/day and my order was right towards the end. I did though get one of the very early orders for the 2nd release (this will be sent out in January)!!!  Some may ask why buy 2 of these expensive ducks............ well Grey & Splinter!!!!  :D


So odds are there may actually be some work done on this build........ just don't tell anyone!!! :wicked: 

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12 hours ago, Paramedic said:

Yeah _ I agree! So you ordered a JA - or (AJ)SF? I´ve built two, two JAs, one in splinter and one in grey. :)


Arr this beast only comes in JA form which is fine by me, I already have the smaller 1/48th Tarangus SH-37 model....... hmm the less said about that one the better..... not the easiest model to build!

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1 hour ago, Paramedic said:

Ah! I thought were talking about that one - but you are getting the Jet mads?? :D


Yeah.. Exactly. ;) Kindy tricky.

actually I'm getting 2!! I have this resin addiction, so can't help myself! :whistle:


Here's my 1/48th beast....and all done with masks, plus I love Robots! :wub:





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Lucky you! :D I was too late on it.. A bit stupid buisness model if you ask me.. But whatever.. Some kind of OCD makes me wanna have all stuff in the same scale (or is that a bad excuse?)


Great looking Viggen!F 13 Wing too! Half my family comes from that area and I used to see the Viggens there as a kid.. Oncean AJSH (SH iirc) took off above us as we were picking strawberries or was it potatoes?  Pretty cool though.

It looks good with RB 04Es.

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On 9/14/2021 at 12:52 PM, trickyrich said:

..... and to show how committed to this build I've even ordered the paint I need for her as well! :D

Not much a commitment if no glue was ordered .Watching 

Martin H

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Mmmm I know, I have to get a wee bit further with the F-4EJ first..... way tooo many projects on the go (my Tamiya F-4B is stalled waiting for her Quinta cockpit to arrive :crying:).


But it is looking more likely that this will be the main build for me in this GB. The Tufted Duck/Turducken probably won't arrive in time for me to complete her, and that will not be a model to rush!!


So on to plan #2, I may even start on the Aires cockpit first. Aires Resin Cockpits....... Driving modellers around the world insane trying to fit them for years!" 🤣

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2 hours ago, Col. said:

Yeah yeah, less talk more action, we're not seeing any progress yet! :whip:


OI!!!! That's my job to harass tardy modellers!!!   :D  :tease:


Yeap I can’t return this one!!


Ok a surprise to all….. I have started her!!!!! :bleh:



In a mist of resin dust (…I’m in heaven….) and the smell of burnt/melted plastic work has begun on the not so Mystic Draken!!:yahoo:


I had finished doing gloss coats on the F-2 an F-4EJ and was feeling a bit bored before starting dinner….. (made yummy Singapore Noodles) … I decided I needed some “resin dust therapy” so out with the Dremel and the Draken!


First some resin dust to revive the mojo……… please normal folks wear a mask, so off with some resin blocks!!!! 




Then into the plastic…… “I love the spell of burning plastic in the morning/evening”!




The Cockpit tub looks to fit….




……..the new well wells look like there’ll fit as well…….




….and surprises of surprises   :yikes:  , with the nose wheel well and cockpit tube sitting in place, it looks like the whole thing might go together without grinding the fuselage side to the thickness of paper!




So to all those doubters…… you know who you are……work on the Mythical Draken has begun! 


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  • trickyrich changed the title to Mythical Draken - Can't return it now!!!
  • trickyrich changed the title to Mythical Draken - Completed by magic.....and alcohol!

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