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Ragnor's Return - Gallery - Non-aircraft subjects

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  1. 1. Q.1 Please select your favourite build from the ones below

    • CliffB - Swedish, Carden Lloyd Mk.V Tankette
    • John Masters - Stridsvagn M/40K Swedish Light Tank
    • Parrahs - Karelian Flyswatter - Ilmatorjuntapssarivaunu 90
    • Foxbat - IX Century Viking
    • John Masters - GAZ AA Armoured Truck - Finnish Army
    • Dermo245 - Strv 103C Tank
    • JeroenS - Scania 142 Flatbed Crane Truck
    • Angus Tura - Scaborough 800 AD
    • nimrod54 - Ford Escort RS1800 Mk.II
    • Scargsy - Toyota Celica GT-Four
    • Sardaukar's Stridsvagn M/38 Swedish Light Tank

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  • 2 weeks later...

Swedish, Carden Lloyd Mk.V Tankette

This is a 1/72 3D-printed kit, that I purchased via Shapeways.  It's a simple kit with only two parts, but I was able to supplement this slightly by adding some additional details.

Sweden operated two Carden Lloyd Tankettes during the 1930s, both of which now reside in the Arsenalen museum.

My build thread is here, if you would like to see more.















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Here's the WiP...



This was a very fun little kit and if people sing any praises regarding my skill and craft, rest assured this came about more because the kit was so well designed that skill and craft came naturally.  If that makes sense.  I am trying to be humble.  Better yet: Great little kit.  Beautifully engineered.  Made building easy.  I think I might have solved my airbrush problems too.  We'll see in the next round.  This kit has some painfully small parts, but a sharp hobby knife and patience won the day.  I present my first for this fine GB...I should have attached the tools before painting, but oh well.  Next time.














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ICM 1/16 IX Century Viking


Figure built from the box using Vallejo, Tamiya, Akan and Citadel paints, inks and varnish. Base decorated with Woodland Senics and Javis Scenics model railway accessories.


Build thread is here: Build Thread















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Eino and Väinö are at it again, trying to figure out which way to point their German FLAK 38.  "No, no, no...over there, by the airbrush, not the paint rack!"












See you all in 2022!  Merry Christmas, or as we say here in Greece...Καλά Χριστούγενα!  




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Hi all and keeping up the trend of small-scale armour, here's my S-tank in 1/72.

Build thread is here but to recap:


Kit: Trumpeter 1/72 No. 07220 Strv 103c S tank

Build: Out of Box

Paints: Halfords plastic primer, Tamyia acrylics; Klear, Flory Wash; Pastels; Matt Varnish

Decals: From kit

Extras: None








51757331381_190080eba0_b.jpgTrumpeter_S-Tank_172 (2) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr




Thanks to @trickyrich for leading the GB and your comments.

Stay safe and happy modelling!



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Hi all, here's my build of the classic Italeri kit of the Scania 142M and trailer. These are originally dropsides, but I scratch built a flat bed for both truck and trailer. Also storage boxes for the truck. Added to that, I built the Kitformservices (KFS) truck crane to go on the truck. This is really an excellent little kit containing resin, white metal, aluminium, brass, PE and styrene parts, a lot of which you have to cut to size yourself which makes building it a lot of fun. 


Truck badges are PE from Czech Truck Model. Finally, I replaced the generic Italeri hubs and rims with KFS ones which look way better. I did use the Italeri rims on the trailer but drilled these out to take the KFS hubs. 


Photographing this thing was a bit of a challenge, it's huge! The truck measures 37 centimeters and the trailer adds another 34. I have a couple of "barn" backdrops but they're too small to be able to photograph the whole truck in front of it. But I was still able to get some decent shots. Right now it's sitting safely in my cabinet where it's taking up a whole shelf. 


Build thread here: 


 I found it hard to select the photo's which show the finished project best, but I'll start with the crane which surely deserves a separate mention. 




The trailer. 




And the 142 itself.






And here the final assembly, en route to another job. 




Full album here in case you'd like to see more! This was a really nice project and it came out pretty much exactly like I wanted it to! Thanks for all the comments along the way.


Hosts, thanks for another great Nordic GB and I'll be there for round 3 🙂 

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'Morning all. Here are two vikings just ashore and making their way through the dunes to Scarborough.


Both FeR resin figures, albeit by diferent sculptors. They are mostly painted in oils over enamel base colours and there are a few bits that are still awaiting the oils. Some acrylics on shields, and the metal colour. Thanks for encouragement and helpful advice/infornation. Thanks for the groupbuild.


220109b Front for GB gallery 220109c Right quarter for GB gallery 220109d Left quarter for GB gallery



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A Flying Finn

Ford Escort RS1800 Mk.II

Ari Vatenen and David Richards

Lombard RAC Rally 1981

Italeri 1.24


This is my build of Italeri's 1/24 Escort Mk.2, by no means a shake'n'bake kit but with some careful clean up it makes a nice model. Future plans are to replace the wheels/tyres to replace the slicks provided in the kit which have been fixed in place with PVA for the present.



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



by John L, on Flickr



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Toyota Celica GT-Four

1995 Swedish Rally

Marcus Grönholm & Voitto Silander


Tamiya 1/24 Kit, with Studio27 aftermarket decals and aftermarket snow tyres.

Gravel wheels, suspension and mudflaps from the kit supplied extras.

Build log here









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