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Red Iron 1/35 Luna-2 **Finished**

Angus Tura

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Good Morning,


Here a pretty simple kit of a Russian lunar probe of 1959. The casting is lovely: I found one, hardly noticeable, bubble.


210828f Bits start time


I'm hoping to do this 12 hours today and 12 tomorrow but I'll see.


See you later,



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Just now, JOCKNEY said:

Looks great Alan


I notice it comes with a lot of wiring does it light up at night ? :whistle:


Best of luck


Cheers Pat


Probably not as brightly as you, dear heart.

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So, I've had to break off to do the family walk. I thought I couldn't least do an update.




It has also been a chance to learn to post on the phone and do phone-flickr: so quite exciting.


After 4 hours of hacking, drilling and dremeling I've done this. I wish now I had " removed major parts from sprues/mold-blocks" before starting. I'm glad I've gone for the two day option.





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A post-day post. I had been hoping to finish in another twelve hours tomorrow but I have to attend a family Zoom tomorrow, i.e. Sunday, so I'll do some tomorrow and finish hopefully on Monday.


I am realising how plugged-out I am. I had to look up Jason Todd to see what that meant and also, "Drill baby drill". I really don't get either of the Marvel thing, or the Tea Party thing.


That was a rubbishy photograph of the base while walking round the park. Here's a better pic:





The amount of hack is clearer in this photo. Here is the point:




The "plinth" it a deodorant stick lid. It is beautifully finished.


The next bit of agony was trying to drill a perpendicular hole in the base to attach the spaceship. The instructions say to use a bit of wire, but I am planning to use perspex to be less visible. I saw a youtube video sometime which suggested repeatedly removing the drill bit to see that the shank of the drill is perpendicular, and I thought that worked quite well. 'Trouble is that the perspex rod, allegedly 2mm, is really 1.7mm and I only have 1.6 and 1.8mm bits. So, its a bit wobbly. Once it's glued it'll look OK, I think.


20210828_171534 20210828_174003


Tea: pork chop, apple sauce, kartoffelnsalat, beans.




The actual spaceship itself goes together without much grief. I've completed the construction pretty much and stopped at 12 MN.




The two little rectangles go on the body of the probe. I thought I'd paint them separately and add them when painted but the more I look at the clock, the more I think i'll stick them on and then paint. The blobby bit goes on top of a wire sticking out the pillar on the spaceship. I need a visit to Dave at Halifax modeller's world tomorrow morning to get some suitable wire. I thought I had something but it's far too thin. The copper wire with the kit is a bit thick and terribly soft. The two round bits, still on the block, are the magnetometer and I'm planning to add them after I've painted.


Thanks again,







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This is an end of day post as well then but it's a lot shorter. I'm planning to paint tomorrow and just wanted today to get an oils wash on the base tonight which takes a bit of time to dry. I just about remembered to photograph restarting,




in the garage just now. Blast of Tamiya fine primer,




wash of Payne's grey oils,




and finish again. So, I reckon I've got 11.25 hours tomorrow.





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Breakfast, not dissimilar to yesterday but with massively increased BB-detritus around.




Start time.




I've painted the edge of the base black humbrol matt for a neater look and will varnish that later. I'm glad that neat Tamiya primer is such a good moon-colour.




Here's where I left the spaceship the night before last.




and here it is construction finished and all washed ready to Alclad-II-ise. The spike on top is just a push fit and I haven't glued it in to make masking easier. 



That's 5.5 hours today so I'm stopping the clock and should have 5.75 hours to get some paint on tonight  


I've looked at some pictures of this thing on line. Some of them show it all just white metal coloured, which I should think is more accurate, but others show it with lots of bronze/brass wiring and red blobs. I think that's probably less accurate but it's certainly more interesting. I'm going to go for the more accurate, mostly because of time wasted time on Saturday in resin-hacking, but I might well keep painting it over the next few days.


Cheese and onion toast and orangina.




See you later.



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  • Angus Tura changed the title to Red Iron 1/35 Luna-2 **Finished**



It's done. I am chuffed. Thanks, Pat, for this do.


I did say that it was ready for Alclad, but in fact it was ready for primer:




Then the Alclad:




The body is white aluminium, the aerials are steel, the blob on the top and bottom of the central aerial and the magnetometer (the round things) are burnt iron (for bronze). The title on the base is gunmetal.




and here it is. The painting of it has revealed some problems with the casting,




which need some more love and another coat of paint.


I forgot to take this critical snap a while ago! So, something over an hour to spare.




I'll put it in the Gallery,


Thanks again,



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