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Autoblinda AB 41

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Hi all

here is my newest kit on the workbench, I have several models started and not yet completed, so I decided to go on with the Italeri 1/35 scale kit.

I have also some aftermarket: Model Victoria turret with interiors, Hussar Production Wheels set, Royal Model and Part PE sets.

The fit of parts is not too good, some filler will be needed here and there, but the overall shape is good.

So here is the starting point and some in progress pictures, the engine doors need to be sanded down, the Italeri original parts are way too thick, also almost all the hinges need to be replaced, a lot of super detailing waits for me.

I decided to start from these historical pictures, as always taken from Stefano di Giusto books "Panzer in OZAK", location is somewhere in the Gorizia area, winter 1944-45, very strange thing, Italeri provide the decals for this particular subject!






And here it starts...

















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