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model master fs34097 field green for tger tank


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Cross referncing, only Mr Hobby make anything that claims to match  that FS number - colour C340 / H340.


Tamiya XF-61 used to be the go to in their range for German green, and it's what I used on my Tiger but they've released some new colours recently, and XF-89 is their new version.


XF-61 converts to Vallejo Model Colour 896, Gunze H320 or Humbrol 161. I can't find a conversion for XF-89, it's too recent. 


You are basically looking for any dark olive green that claims to represent RAL 6003 - a quick Google will give you a load of options :)



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Do you mean Tiger as in WW2 German tank or Tigr as in modern Russian GAZ MRAP?


No brand of Field Green 34097 would ever be appropriate for a Tiger tank in any theatre.  As for the GAZ Tigr I suppose 34097 would be a passable match for the current Russian green.


In acrylics, you can get 34097 from AK Interactive, MRP, Gunze Mr Color, Vallejo.  There may be others.


But, as noted above, if you're looking for German WW2 Olivegrun RAL6003 there are very many brand choices.  Arguments about which is "best" or "most accurate" have raged for a long time and will continue until hell freezes over without a concensus.

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This site lists all colours used by Germany, along with a number ofsuggested hobby paint brands:



If the subject in question is WW2 German armour, then quoting a number from a post war American paint system does not provide us with a clue of what you need.

German  "graugrun"  was a camouflage colour (applied over a base of RAL 8000 Gelb Braun), used only on the Tigers operating in North Africa.





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12 hours ago, dickbarton99 said:

found  life colour ua 233  german graugrun will this do


as the other answer suggest, this can be a complex subject, but what you want is RAL 6003 olive green, (RAL is the German paint specification, that is still in use), FS595 is a post was specification for colors approved fro use  by the US Government,  it is often quoted as the color fan chip sets are widely available, but it not a comprehensive paint matching system. 


Next would be, what paint brand/type do you like or can get,  and then find a match in that range,  or ask for a match in that range,  since you mentioned Lifecolor and Model master


sticking 'Lifecolor RAL 6003' into google 

UA206 LifeColor Olivgrun | RAL 6003    


then with  with 'Model Master RAL 6003' 

Model Master 1591 Olive Green RAL6003


BTWhttps://www.e-paint.co.uk/colour-alternatives.asp?cRange=RAL Classic&cRef=RAL 6003&metallic2=False&cDescription=Olive green

the closest FS 595 for RAL 6003 is FS 34095 according to epaint.



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