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Revell 1/24 Unimog flatbed conversion

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Hi all, I love the Unimog, it comes in many versions and it's a typical workhorse truck which is exactly the reason why I like it so much. 


The kit I built is the UN version,




and it was a rescue from a second hand site. This is how I got it (I knew this beforehand, by the way). 




Partly built, partly painted, generally falling apart. I saw potential... and a cheap kit of course 🙂 


On which I then spent 30 pounds for KFS resin wheels 😆... Well I did say I saw potential. The original plan was to turn it into a camper, but it stayed in the box for almost 2 years. Then a couple of weeks ago it called out from the stash and said "flatbed"! I said OK, let's do it. 


At first, the build was a little tough because of the damaged parts but once I got to parts that were still on the sprues it went smoothly. It turned into a quick build really. I weathered it some, just so that it looks dirty but not beat up. This build was about rescue, and conversion. I used wooden coffee stirrers for the load bed.


The WIP is here: 


So here's the finished product. The load bed was scratch built on top of the kit's floor. Paint is Tamiya OD green for the body and cab, Tamiya semi gloss black for the chassis, Tamiya rubber black for the tyres. Various Vallejo paints for smaller parts. Weathered with Vallejo paint, washes and pigments. 












As you can see I didn't fit the spare wheel, the resin wheels are somewhat larger than the kit wheels so it didn't fit. I cut off the rack as well. It's a barebones little flatbed now. Well, it looks little but it's actually quite big!












Thanks for watching!

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19 minutes ago, Ryedale Wolf said:

I like that!


I built one last year, aren't the kit tyres terrible 😬

Thanks, and yes they are. Keeps me from buying another one I must say.

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