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Hawker F.20/27 Interceptor Kitbash

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In the lead up to the production of the Hawker Fury, various designs and engines were put forth, among them the Radial-Engined "Interceptor", V-12 "Hornet", and finally, the Fury. There were also a number of other Hawker aircraft that shared a very similar design, including the Hoopoe and Hawfinch. My goal is to build each of them, starting now with the F.20/27.

Using the fuselage parts from a Tombo High Speed Fury (low-quality copies of the Matchbox kit), the wings, struts, and landing gear of the Matchbox Fury, the prop of an Eduard BK-534, the engine of a Pegasus Gamecock, the seat of an HPM Beaufighter V, and the wheels of an Airfix Bulldog, I'll slowly be working on this kit between classes. 

Two versions of the F.20/27 existed, the first with a Bristol Jupiter VI, and the second with a Bristol Mercury VI. I'll be building mine with the Mercury.


Hawker F.20/27


So far, I have only built up the cockpit.


Hawker F.20/27



Once this is painted, the nose will be added, and then the tail surfaces will be re-shaped and hopefully I can find a way to replace the fabric detail.


That's all for the moment,


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